Goat Mischief

Saturday afternoon I went out to visit the goats. The stall door to their paddock was shut and they were outside – without food or water. OBVIOUSLY Steve, during the morning chores, had not latched the door open. I told Pip and Caper how sorry I was that that man had allowed this to happen. They got extra treats.I made sure that the door was hooked securely. See that cute goat far below? Poor baby.

I let Steve know that he’d let the helpless goats suffer.

He said, “You know, this happened yesterday, too. Once it’s my fault, but twice? Someone has learned to open the latch.” He went out to fix the situation.

Caper helped. Notice that snow bank? Perfect for climbing….

This morning I found the twine untied. Steve will be back out with wire to replace it.

What did I learn? That if you are a goat maid, the word obviously has no place in your vocabulary.


  1. We wondered on Friday why we never saw the boys on camera all day and it appeared that their stall was also empty. Problem solved. Curious, opportunistic boys. Smiles.

  2. can you move the latch up higher? or better yet get a double sided “dog leash clip” that is how we keep our “kids” (15 of them) locked in or out. . . as the case may be . . . . i swear that their tongue is a thumb!!!

  3. Those pictures, especially the last one, and your narrative started my work week off with a good laugh! Thanks for sharing more goat escapades with us!

  4. Careful Terry! Back when I had dairy goats as a 4-H project, I had one of my 6 year old does figure out how to use doorknobs. I came home one day to find that she’d not only escaped the goat pen, but let herself into the downstairs of my house. Where she made herself quite comfortable with a 50 lbs bag of dog food. She’s already downed 20 lbs of it before I got there! :D She was fine, don’t worry. Blackberry Vines cure most goatly stomach problems. At least in CA they do.

      • She certainly did. Her smile was adorned with doggy kibbles. Havoc was definitely had. Tore the whole place to shreds and left goat berries in her wake. Took me forever to clean it up and ended up having to replace the carpet. Such fond memories. lol ;)

  5. oh sure…”they” unlatched the hook and then untied the twine…next he’ll be tellin ya that “they” forgot to take out the trash. Hhhhmmm , where’d you get this guy anyway??? (j/k of course!)
    Just love reading the tales of your little farm. Would hope to take a visit sometime. N&P

  6. Lol, good fences or not they will figure out a way to get out. I betcha they will get in the house sometime and you will find one in the living room eating the flowers out of vases :)

  7. Terry! Are you doing OK with all the storms? I saw on the news this morning you are going to get another blast! Are the chickens holding up OK? You need to box everyone up and come stay a spell in So. Cal. and get your feet warm!

    • Donna, it does look like it’s going to be a long winter. It looks bad, and it’s a hassle, but it’s rare that it’s actually causes real hardship (Steve, the designated shoveler might dispute that, but the animals are fine!)

  8. Terry, make that last pic into a card and I’ll buy several ! Just adorable. Give him a hug from us in sunny FLA !