New Hat

The problem with being a “chicken celebrity” is that friends cannot resist giving me gifts with chicken motifs. They give me things I would not normally wear. Ever. Like this hat.

Note that not only is there a chicken on my head, but there are also braids with bows. My son says that he would be mortified to be seen with me if I wear it. Steve says I look adorable, but I could be wearing a colander on my head and he would think that. It does fit perfectly, and it is made of the coziest yarn. Lily doesn’t care what I wear. She’s just happy that we’re out in the snow.

There’s 32 inches of snow in the meadow. I’m on snowshoes. Lily is not.

She is very happy. We tromp a big loop around the field.

Scooter is waiting for us to come home. I’ve told him that the snow is too deep for him, but he doesn’t believe me.


  1. Yesterday my friend Pam, who keeps chickens, brought me a fresh egg. It was wrapped like a nest and then placed in a small bowl. I smiled. She said, “That’s the reaction I was going for.” I love reading your blog and apparently I talk about it often. :) P.S. Love the hat!

  2. I’ve warned all my friends and family that just because we have backyard chickens doesn’t mean we’re collecting chicken tchotchke. Got one item already. It’s cute though and from a dear friend, so it stays. At least until she’s seen it in the house.

  3. Love the hat!! It’s fun! Thanks for the pics of the “snow tromping”- looks like a pretty day there.

  4. Your pictures today are priceless. Lily looks like she’s having a great time. I don’t know much about the properties of snow, but would Scooter sink down to the bottom, or because he weighs less, only chest deep similar to Lily?

    I guess it would take a uniquely confident person to wear that hat in public. People WOULD stare – but I think the hat is terrific! What a hoot.

    • Growing up we had two border collies, and they loved the snow! They would bound through the drifts and demand that we throw them snow to catch!

    • Hi Vicki- Snow can be heavy or light, but you always sink! This snow is particularly fluffy, so Scooter would disappear until he hit the last layer of snow which is icy on top. That’s about a foot down!
      Jeremiah- I’m always responding to the wrong comment – it’s hard to move things around once you hit the button. Don’t worry about it!

  5. Poor Scooter… I like the hat, it’s you.
    I hear ya on the chicken stuff.
    When my grandmother passed a few years ago I bought the old wringer washer (in excellent shape) that she still had (hadn’t used in years)and placed it in a corner in my kitchen, just love it. Because of that my family and friends have showered me with old laundry stuff. Old clothespins, old one line Sears reel clothesline from 1945, a pair of wooden tongs made just for pulling clothes out of a wringer washer and my favorite and a two for a old clothes pin bag with a Purinia chicken feed advertisement on it. It now hangs next to the washer with all the old clothespins in it ;-)
    By the way the old washer makes an excellent cooler when I have backyard parties. We roll it out on the patio, put the soda and beer in it, cover with ice and when the party is over drain the tub.

  6. Terry..The hat is the greatest…and Lily in the snow? Priceless! Scooter by the back door? Adorable!

  7. You’re blessed with Steve like I am with my hubby. He thinks I’m cute no matter how bad or funny I look. I’m sure glad we don’t have your snow – that’s just too much for me!

  8. But, Terry, we have seen glimpses of your fabulous retro chicken collectibles. So maybe the hat is not in the same league, but it’s a good giggle. However, there can be no dissent about that great picture of Lily in the snow and dear Scooter who wants in on the fun.

    How is your son’s arm coming along?

  9. You should have worn that hat on Animal Planet ! It is priceless ! As is your hubby !

  10. Ahhh the picture or the snaller dog is so sad. We got the same amount of snow and i have to bring my lab hound mix in the snow. He is big enough to go out but i feel bad because he had acl surgery and got althritis from that and the althritis is not kind in low temps. He always comes in shivering so i take a towel and put it on him like a robe to warm him up.

  11. How funny. I love the hat but I know what you mean. Folks know I love chickens and I bet you I have been given at least 10 ceramic chickens for my kitchen. No place to put them and I don’t really want that many to begin with. What snow you have–amazing.

  12. But the most important question, where did you get the chicken hat from? I want one! We’ve had very little snow here in Oregon and some spring like temperatures the last week. Maybe I won’t need a hat until next year, but I like to wear something quirky every once in a while.