A Respite Between the Storms

On Tuesday we had snow, rain and ice (all in one day!)  Tomorrow more snow is expected, and then temperatures will drop into the single digits and stay there. But today is gorgeous! There’s no wind, so each branch is laced with brittle snow and the entire world is sparkling. Lily Dog has been going bonkers from inactivity, so I took her across the street, through the meadow and into the woods.

I wish I’d brought my tracking field guide.

Here is the view coming out of the woods and looking up towards my house.

The short walk was a hard work-out! The snow is deep and crusty. Next time, I’ll wear snowshoes.


  1. I know what your going through. We had 11 inches last night and and additional 2-3 today. HATE IT. The low tonight will be zero, brrrrr.
    Skippy my rat terrier mix ran out the door this morning (he loves snows and I think this is the most he has been exposed to he will be two in Sept.) but he forgot about the 10 inch drop from the back stoop to the patio and fell into the snow and basically disappeared. He jumped up had this look of bewilderment, shook off the snow and took off across the yard like a deer. The snow was almost worth that comical moment.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. We live our winters through your webcam since Seattle rarely gets much snow, only temperatures in the 20s but dry. But we’re lucky that we have Paradise Mt. Rainier just a couple hours away and we get to experience nature frequently on snowshoes with over 100 inches of snow.

  3. Oh my goodness – more snow. It looks beautiful though.

    We’ve forgotten about snow and ice, looking for all the lovely buds and shoots growing – but has January a sting in its tail… we’ll wait and see.

    Hope you’re well Terry – expect you are as you’re trudging about in the snow! Are you getting used to the new sounds in your ear? Are they becoming more tuneful?


  4. Thanks for posting regular blogs. I really enjoy reading and myself am just now getting into the backyard chicken frenzy. Living in Texas, we very seldom see snow like you get.

  5. Glad to here you love it. I love snow sure its a pain to shovel but outdoors (not near the roads) its so peacful. I always find rare or uncommon or colorful birds. I find deer tracks dog cats bobcats fox and squirrels. Its just so nice

  6. We’ve got the same as Deborah. Yuck. It would be nice to live where there were actually seasons! I love the pictures of your snow. I’m hoping your brain is beginning to translate the Darth Chicken sounds into something more normal.

  7. To add to the storm we just got hit by more ill be out enjoying it and taking pictures