Tillie IN a Tree

Every year the Concord Museum selects over thirty children’s books, both classic and recent. A volunteer decorator is matched to each book and the fun begins. Ornaments are crafted and clever details designed. In December, trees are set up throughout the museum, amidst 18th century highboys and the lantern made famous from “one if by land, two if by sea.” The decorators decorate. Charming, whimsical, funny, poignant. It’s all there on these trees. If you love Christmas trees, childrens’ books, history, or crafts, you have to visit. If you want a charming and whimsical holiday tradition (not crass and commercial) you have to visit.

I am thrilled to pieces that this year, Tillie Lays an Egg was chosen to be a tree at the Concord Museum. A family that I’ve never met, and have had no contact with, decorated the tree. I got a peek at it today. It’s perfect. First of all, they must be a 4-H family. There are 4-H ribbons on the tree! How clever is that? Go ahead, use the idea! There are  rubber worms! (Tillie approves.) To top it all off (or should I say bottom?) look at this tree skirt. Sewn out of feed bags! You can use that idea, too! (If you do, please send a photo.)

This Saturday, December 4, from 1 to 4, I will be sitting by my tree signing books. I won’t be alone – Ben Fink, the book’s photographer, will be here from NYC. This is the first time we’ve signed books together. Come and say hello.


  1. Terrific ! Will you be taking CoCo with you to the book signing ?

    • I offered, but, alas, the curator at the museum didn’t want chicken dander amongst the historic treasures. Very understandable!

  2. Congtrats! That is a wonderful tree. I would be coming to visit you if I hadn’t made plans. One day, another signing, hopefully! =)

  3. What a treat! It looks lovely, and I’ll bet you have a great day signing – you could always take a large cut-out of ‘Tillie’ to pose with!
    Happy Hanukkah, by the way. The weather is overly festive here – a foot of snow now, and rising… still no sign over there?

    • Wendy- seems like you are hoarding all of the snow! I’m not complaining -still plenty of winter here. Our snowiest month is later, usually February.

  4. Congrats!!! And what a huge honor and priviledge to you, Ben and your famous girls. Wish I wasn’t on the other side of the continent. Share some additional pictures with us.

  5. How fabulous is that???? Congratulations! Terry..wish I was there…I am going to meet you in person sooner or later!!!!!! The wineries await!

  6. Question, do you take a supply of books for purchase or does the publisher ship them in? Just curious as to how that works since it’s not a book store.

    • Every personal appearance is different. This entire event happened totally outside of any publicist’s or publisher’s influence, which makes it all the more special to me.

  7. Congrats on the honor- oh how I wish I was not on the other side of the US! Love the ribbons and feedsack ideas!
    If you do make it out to CA, please think about continuing north and coming to Oregon- we have a very active backyard chicken keeping culture here!

  8. I would like to see up close. I can not! I want to see the photos :-) Congratulations

  9. i HAVE JUST SEEN A GREY SQUIRREL rush up into the bunny house and out again – looks like you have a little thief!!!!