Egg White Magic

My excessive baking week left me with few leftovers, but I did have a bowl of 15 egg whites in the refrigerator. In the summer, when I have a bounty of eggs, those whites might, lazily, be fed to the dogs. But nearing winter, every egg is precious.  So, I pulled out a recipe from my 1,ooo Lowfat Recipes cookbook. Tried and true and easy.

Egg whites are magic. They go from this:

to this:

Whipping egg whites is immediate gratification.

The chocolate and nuts (I used walnuts, not almonds as called for in the recipe – I had some leftover from the pie party cooking) were gently folded in.

Dollops of meringue were dropped onto cookie sheets lined with parchment, and baked until dry and crisp. I used both of my wall ovens, and 8 cookie sheets. By the way, the cookies bake up better on traditional thin sheets, not the insulated ones. Here they are.

Egg whites are pure protein. Even with the addition of cocoa and ground nuts, these cookies are only 57 calories each. Just what I need after a week of eating custard pies!


  1. With all of your blogs about cooking I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your online recipes (apple pie, pie crust, too ripe pears, etc.). But most of all, I am a fan of your 1000 Lowfat Recipes Cookbook, and use it almost exclusively for daily fare. Tasty stuff!!

    • Thanks, Judy! 1,000 is still in print – more than ten years. A long time for a cookbook, and speaks to how useful people find it. I tested each and every one of those 1,000 recipes several times. They work!

  2. Terry..BTW..Brussel sprouts were a hit..I actually brought the leftovers with me to work for my lunch…DELICIOUS!!!

  3. Oh my goodness—yummy for the tummy and only 57 calories! Thank you Terry.

  4. That white bowl filled almost to the brim…heavenly! Isn’t a big bowl of meringue just hugely satisfying?

    They look light and delicious.