Goat Balloon

Today I slept. Scooter slept. I got up once to sit at the dining room table and he came over and scratched at me until I got back on the couch. I also watched Wall-E, which is the perfect movie when one is woozy on drugs and can’t follow two complete sentences.

And I watched goatcam. Caper eats more than Pip. Have you noticed? I knew that already, but is it ever confirmed by the cameras. It was like watching a balloon get filled in slo-mo. A fuzzy, smiling, munching balloon. Maybe it was the drugs, but it also seemed to me that he got shaggier as he ate. Caper’s belly was out to his knees by this evening. At least I know he’ll be toasty warm out there tonight – the wind is blowing and there’s a dusting of snow coming down. Steve is going to put extra hay in Candy’s hutch. I might be out of it, but I’m still able to pester him about the animals. “Do the chickens have water?” “Can you bring Petunia inside, she can’t make it up the ramp?” Steve doesn’t need any of these reminders. Good thing I can rely on him. Scooter and I have to take another nap.


  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    I am very interested in how your experience with CIs goes. I went to ASL classes for a couple of years and have only heard about experiences from people who had never been Hearing and got the implants.

    • Scott- the criteria for CIs has changed over the last few years. The people who get the most benefit from CIs are those with a recent history of hearing – they can make sense out of the electronic inputs from the CI. My hearing bottoms out at a 90dB loss – not deaf. I’m in the “severe hearing loss” range. My surgeon and audiologist are very optimistic that I’m going to greatly benefit from the CI.

  2. Kudos to Scooter for reminding his person to take it easy. What is it about surgery that makes us bound and determined to prove we are ok by doing just a bit more than we should? I don’t think it’s drug related, rather resuming control. I had weaned myself from the loved/hated pain killers, and then overdid it and had to go back to them for a few days. Please be smarter than I was. Take care.

  3. I see you have snow this morning! Our latest lot is just melting today – I think Candy would like to be out tunelling, she looks very excited at the door of her hutch!

    • Wendy, Candy was such a happy bun this morning! Lots of hopping and shaking of paws. To her dismay, not enough snow to tunnel in, but we’re expecting more later this week.

  4. Been thinking about you. Are you recovering well? I hope so. Here, summer starts today and is quite hot. While there you have snow.

    • Hi Angela- I am feeling better! I see the doctor on Thursday to have the incision looked at. I hope I’ll be allowed to wash my hair. But, it’ll be a long recovery. So, what fruit is in season there? Do you have a garden?

  5. Thinking of you and sending warm wishes for the holidays and your recovery! Thanks for taking the time and effort to keep the blog updated, all your hard work is really appreciated. Hope your snuggle buddies enjoy this time becaues I’m sure you’ll be back to your old habits in no time!

  6. Merry Christmas to all from here in North Devon and especially to you Terry – hope you are feeling better already with your special helpers and family.My chickens are fed up with cold toes but I love the snow!