Smiling Goats

It’s been a challenging week. Last Friday my son broke his elbow at school, which necessitated an ambulance ride to the local hospital. Then, he had another ambulance ride to a Boston hospital that has a pediatric orthopedic surgery department. They gave him pain killers and a temporary cast. A few days later we had a consultation with the surgeon and a new, temporary cast was put on. Yesterday we were back at the big city hospital for the surgery, which was more difficult than expected.

My husband and I were sitting in a waiting room, in that sort of dazed, anxious stupor that one has in hospital waiting rooms, when Steve pulled out his laptop. He nudged me and pointed at the screen. There was Pip, standing up, yet soundly asleep, leaning his head on Caper’s furry belly. Pip had a look of serene happiness on his face and a a beauteous smile on his lips. We smiled too. I joke that Caper and Pip are “useless” – after all, they’re boy goats. Lawn ornaments. But the truth is that they’re very good at their job, which is making everyone that knows them smile. I needed them yesterday, and they sure earned their keep.


  1. Oh my goodness! Sounds like he probably didn’t feel much like trick-or-treating (or maybe he’s too old for that?) Hope he’s healing well now!

  2. Hope your son is feeling better. Your blog, chicks and goats have helped keep me sane over some difficult times – their antics always make me smile. Ironically it has been easier to see your chicks when the weather is bad than to see my chicks in England at the bottom of my garden!

  3. Speedy recover to your son Terry! I love how animals always know when we are in need of a “hug’ or a “smile”!

  4. Hope your son is feeling better. I am sure it was a very anxious time for everyone. I enjoy watching your goats (and your chickens). They make me smile everytime I watch them!

  5. Get well wishes to your son. Hope he is well on his way to getting better. I think your goats are AWESOME.

  6. I hope your son recovers quickly. Animals help us always:)

  7. My son broke his elbow in school too! It will be tough for a couple of days, but your son should be good as new in no time. I’m guessing he had to get pins in his elbow(?) Hang in there, Mom! Those orthopedic surgeons can do amazing things with bones!

  8. My wishes to your son for a quick mend. My wishes to you are for a decent night’s sleep. You’ve probably been too worried to sleep much. Those goats are too cute! Bless their little hearts.

  9. Best wishes for speedy healing to your son- and some well deserved rest for you and your husband. You will be surprised how quickly the weeks pass (our son broke his arm in three places at age 12)

  10. Hope the surgery went well and your son is on the mend. Better that he does all his bone breaking now rather than later! Children mend so much more quickly. Leave it to Pip and Caper to bring a smile to an otherwise dreadful time, right? La’Nelle

  11. Hope your son is well on his way to recovery. I think Donna has it right. Pip is one of those remarkable animals that communicate on many levels. Go back and look at your “Got Peanuts” blog that has cracked me up on the many occasions I have returned to it. A Pip book, maybe???? Take care.

  12. Best get-well wishes for your son; hoping his arm feels more comfortable soon.

  13. Thank you everyone for your kind wishes! Modern pain-killers work, but they do make him a TV-watching zombie! Magic Cochin mentioned “invalid” food. Hah! He’s a teenager. He wakes up in the morning and asks for scrambled eggs, toast, fruit and juice. During the day he’s eating pizza and pasta and homemade cookies. Ice cream. Crackers. And on. And on. In fact, even at the hospital, while in excruciating pain, what did he complain about? That he was hungry!

  14. Hi Terry, I live in Oregon I too have 3 broken bones in my right ankle that required sugery to pin them back together in late Aug. and am still off work healing. The funny thing is that it happened while I was building my chicken coop and run! Thank goodness I had family members help finish it. I have been reading your web site and watching and following your babies each day. I know how your son feels, what a bummer! I hope he heals fast!