Pie Party Before and After

The table was set.

The pies were set out. (Twelve varieties. Six different crusts.)

Thirty-four people came and ate. And ate. And visited. It was the perfect evening.

Then they went home.

The clean-up isn’t as bad as it looks. Anyway, that’s Steve’s job. The baker is resting!


    • The savory butternut squash gallette topped with toasted walnuts and fresh pomagranate seeds superb. The Brown Sugar Pear pie was classic, perfect, and gone. The pies that were really complicated to make weren’t the big hits. Every year I try extravagant recipes, and every year I conclude that they aren’t worth the trouble!

  1. Looks so festive! What a beautiful setting. You’ve got a real flair for design, both in pies and decorations. What lucky guests and a lucky family.

  2. Your table looks beautiful… and so do the PIES! And that butternut squash gallette sounds SOOO good!

    You’ve inspired me now. Maybe next year I’ll have my own pie party. It sounds like a ton fun and a great excuse to bake, bake, bake (my favorite thing to do in the kitchen). And if I plan only half as well as you, it shouldn’t end up in a fit of panic at the 11th hour. :)

    • Yes, I really do. 4 pyrex, 16 various ceramic, assorted tart pans with removable bottoms, and one very large metal pie plate, perfect for deep-dish apple.