The Small Things

It has not been a spectacular year for foliage. Only a few trees look aflame in oranges and reds. Most have tinges of brown.

It’s a year to find beauty in the small details, like this path, lined with a deep bedding of fragrant pine needles.

And this small dog in the leaves. Scooter puts things into perspective, doesn’t he?


  1. Hi Terry, I love when you post pictures like these. It reminds me of when my aunt and uncle were living. They lived in Virginia and I would spend two weeks in October every year. I would rent a car and explore many of the 13 original colonies. The colors I’d see were vivid and beautiful—I loved it. One thing I really love is color and the foliage was always alive with lots of color. Enjoy it Terry.

  2. Awww. Scooter is the cutest thing! Other small pleasures; the sound of those pine needles crunching underfoot as you walk down that path. Or even better, is the sound of a breeze in the pine trees. I love that sound. There’s just no way to describe it.

  3. I said it several times but I’ll say it again that is one of the cutest dogs I have every seen. His little bowed legs and splayed feet just make we want to squeeze him.
    As far as trees I use to love to sit out back at my parents and watch the willow tree dance in the wind. I found it very relaxing for some reason.

    • What’s amazing about Scooter is that he is very fast! Weird bowlegs and all! He’s cute, but I treat him like a real dog – so he’s bold on the trails (although he tried to follow Lily once and got stuck in mud and I had to get him out. He doesn’t know how little he is.)

      • Most little dogs don’t realize how small they are. I know my Pookie, a long haired Chihuahua thinks she’s ginormous. I think she believes the older she is the bigger she is.

  4. By the way Terry and everyone, I’m going to be a great aunt to twins this Spring, early Summer. My middle nephew, Chris and his wife are expecting twins. They just found out and are soooo excited. They already have two girls ages 3 and 7. The parents are excited but the girls are beyond excited.

  5. Thank you Terry for the beautiful pictures for all us poor souls that live in states with NO seasons! It is so funny when I ask the kids what SEASON it is and hold up a book about LEAVES and they just stare at me with that goat look…SEASONS? What the heck is that!!!!!????

  6. Donna- I can’t imagine not having seasons! The goats, too. Right now they are chasing falling leaves. They like the yellow maple ones the best.

  7. Donna I like three of the four and the one we are currently is my absolute favorite. Cool nights, warm days with no humidity or rain.
    I don’t like winter. It’s not the cold I mind so much as the short days (it’s always dark when I get home from work)and snow and or occasionally ice. I hate the mess it makes and here in St Louis people don’t know how to drive in it. They either drive too darn slow or too fast. Although the past decade snow has been somewhat of a rare thing usually just one good snow of 6 inches or more and several 1 or 2 inche snow falls.

  8. I live in the southern part of the Adirondacks. We are having a beautiful fall. It is my favourite season.