My Money Making Scheme

Like most families out there, our cash-flow situation is tight. The hens aren’t laying enough to bring in egg money. What to do?

Yesterday I was in a trendy Boston neighborhood, wandering around a crafts fair and farmers market. I also popped into an old warehouse that now hosts vintage sellers on the weekend.

One of the vendors was selling this:

The tag said claimed it is a “chicken feeder from Texas, cleaned and sealed.” The price? $175.


So, here’s my idea. I’ll get a few nesting boxes, let my chickens give them that authentic patina, and then sell them to decorators! Genius!


  1. Did the people from Texas take their chickens to the drive-in movies? Are my eyes deceiving me, or are there two drive-in speakers hanging from the chicken feeder?

  2. You are brilliant!! I’m curious about those drive-in speakers though, and how the seller thought they related to the “feeders”. Pretty funny.

  3. Y’know… I’m a city girl, and even I could see this is not a “chicken feeder.” So maybe the speakers are to pipe in egg laying mood music. :-)

  4. OK..that made my day..truly funny! $175.00? HHHMMMMM…now I am THINKING!!!!!!!

    • Wendy – the bottoms pop out for easy cleaning. Also, the roosts fold up – once in awhile it’s good to get them out of the way, or block off the boxes.

  5. Tina should have those speakers to pipe in her back-up band……Then, again, a jukebox may be a better idea. Lay an egg, hear a song?

  6. Wow $175. for a four seater, I wonder what I could get for my eight
    seaters? I’m going to Disneyworld !

  7. I was watching American Pickers last night and they were in an old barn that had like a 8 hole nest box. I was thinking to myself, I want that, I want that… They never mentioned it or pointed it out and it looked in good shape too.