Peak Color

This past weekend the fall color was at it’s peak, so I thought I’d share a few photos with you before the wind and the rain (expected later this week) change everything again. To my friends in places like California (hi Donna!) who don’t experience the seasons, I can only just begin to tell you what you’re missing. In the morning there are patches of sparkling frost. Then, sunlight comes in low and lights up the trees. The yellow ones, especially, glow like melted butter. Red leaves blow through the air and eventually land on dull-green grass. The light changes again and it looks cold out, even if it’s not. One day the blueberry bush is crimson, the next it is brown.

What makes New England so showy are the maples, which do dramatic costume changes into reds and yellows.

Other trees turn just one color.

Put all together, my backyard looks like this:

Even my Endless Summer blue hydrangea has gone from this:

to a more seasonally appropriate dusky purple.

Red isn’t only on the trees. A handful of Heritage Red Raspberries ripened. I found them before the goats did.


  1. Oh, Terry. Your pictures are beautiful! I can’t even imagine how incredible your backyard is in person. Some day I will visit New England in the fall and bee a “leaf peeper!” We almost made it this October… but there’s always next year! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Terry– so glad you posted the photo of your Fall blooming hydrangea! This is my first year in the Ozarks (moved from the Texas Gulf Coast) and I’ve been thinking that the hydrangea I planted this Spring must have a vitamin defenciency or something because the blooms were looking a little green! Now that I see yours, I’ve decided mine are actually OK. Did you ever try my Tabasco Sauce/Dawn Dish soap/ Colgate toothpaste/wintergreen chewing tobacco, bug spray? I’m telling you, it really works!

    • I’ve still got that bug juice recipe, but didn’t need it this year. Only needed two sprays of the insecticidal oil and the sawfly larvae were under control. Maybe because the tree is now mature?

  3. All I can say is OMG! Thank you Terry! I think I will set up the laptop and LCD projector today and show the kids a REAL season! You are the best! Thank you! Wish I could see your backyard in person..GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

    • Tell the students that I say hello! It’s going to rain today, the leaves will come down and by the end of the month it will look and feel wintery. Already, I can see my breath in the morning.

  4. My favorite time of the year.
    We have yet to hit peak color here in mid- far eastern Missouri. Next weekend should be the peak.
    Your right Terry it’s the maples that are the most beautiful.


  6. Was just at The Old North Bridge on Wednesday and the colors were lovely. There is nothing like Fall in New England.

  7. Thanks Terry, this was a very informative post for me!! I have two of four girls in full moult right now. I am glad I found your blog!
    ~mel (via chickens in the road)