Summer Tomato Sauce Follow-Up

The gardening season is winding down. The peas and onions are done. I’m on the second, smaller planting of green beans. There’s only a few cucumbers left on the vine. My eggplants are all getting large enough to harvest. It looks like they’ll all be ready at once, which means I’ll be making caponata and freezing for later.

I might have made my last batch of Summer Vegetable Tomato Sauce. This time, I put in about as many summer squash as tomatoes. I’ve added onion,  garlic and basil, too. I was too hot and lazy to peel anything – not even the garlic – and I didn’t bother to pick the leaves off of the basil stems. I did cut the vegetables into large chunks. After roasting, I ran it through the food mill, which took care of the tough bits, seeds and skins.

It needed some salt and a teaspoon of sugar.

Here it is ready for the freezer.

It will be a welcome sight this winter.


  1. Yum, yum, YUM! There’sothing like “fresh” tomatoes in February!