Chickens are Omnivores

Agnes caught a frog.

The other chickens wanted it. The chase was on.

But Agnes was fast and clever. She hid by the stonewall, and gobbled it up.

The other girls wish that they could find a tasty frog, too. But all they find are toads. Yuck!


  1. I love the chases for tasty things.
    When I make pasta I always make more then I need to share with the hens. What’s funny in this situation is that they will chase one hen with a piece of pasta when there are still numerous pieces on the ground.
    Hens are exactly mousers too.

  2. I hate to see it, but my girls go nuts over mice. The chase is pretty funny, especially when there are at least eight running after someone carrying this poor limp mouse. I do the pasta thing too, Ken! They look like worms and they go positively bonkers for it!

  3. Ewww. Yes, chickens will eat about anything. We were amazed one year to see a frog in our pond actually jumping up in the air and catching finches as they came in for a drink. Mother Nature can indeed seem to be a bit cruel.

  4. It’s obviously frog open season – my lot have had half a dozen today, brought out by the rain no doubt. They’re not so keen on mice, but they do like a nice Chaffinch chick should one tumble from a nest. Can’t watch that – I draw the line at viewing infanticide and cannibalism at the same time!

  5. My girls got a garter snake this summer. I thought my husband was going to stop breathing he was laughing so hard. I, who am deathly afraid of snakes, was not so amused. But the hens were happy.