New FAQ on Egg Handling, Storage and Food Safety

Did you know that I have a FAQ page? I received so many comments and questions after blogging about egg handling, safety and storage, that I’ve added a FAQ on these topics that I hope will be useful. Read it here.


  1. wondered about the handling of eggs from nest to refrig ??? Is cooling necessary ? Is washing necessary ? we have 6 Silkies .. Thank You …. Sally

      • Silkies lay such cute little eggs. Do be aware the smaller the egg, the higher percentage of yolk. I ruined a pound cake recipe once – I used all bantie eggs and the texture was off because of all the yolks!

  2. Invariably, two or more eggs per day from my hens are soiled with dried-on poop (I collect each evening). The nests are perfectly clean, so I know the poop comes along with the egg. This contradicts what you said on the FAQs about the egg being clean when it is laid. I feel that my hens are clean and healthy, so is this pooping-while-laying something I have to worry about? I wash the eggs, needless to say, before refrigerating.

  3. Although the vent is where both the poop and the egg comes out, as the egg exits the hen, the reproductive tract follows along and sort of turns inside out, so that the egg never actually touches the vent where the manure has been! Sometimes hens have manure stuck to their feathers or on their feet – even in the cleanest of barns. Also, some hens have runny poo (and is an indicator of low-level disease or stress) and that can get on the eggs. It’s certainly not an immaculate system :)