Where’s Pip?

If you don’t see Pip, he might be here. The goat-proofed cam is now a goat-lookout perch. Doesn’t Pip look silly?


  1. He is adorable! Do you watch “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” (on the Planet Green Channel)? Last night all their goats had babies..That show is so funny and I love watching them interact with the llamas and goats. Terry! You have the cutest little bird that is parked inside the coop? He seems to be a regular and VERY at home!

      • It is really entertaining. My man will watch nothing but military stuff (yawn), but he will watch this. I think it is because they are a couple of city boys trying to be farmers, just like him!

    • That little wild bird knows there’s free food in a safe place. It gets very annoyed, though, if we are late to let them out in the morning!

  2. I think he looks more nonchalant than silly; he needs a little pair of binoculars, it looks as though he’s at the races…