A Good Rain

A light mist has been falling all day. This is welcome rain. I’m glad it’s soft – a downpour in early autumn strips the trees of leaves and ruins the foliage show. But, this drizzle makes everything more beautiful. I thought that the planters on the front porch were done, the flowers were wilted and I wasn’t bothering to water. But look at them this afternoon!

Even an old spider web near the coop is dazzling.

The last of the summer’s lettuce has revived, but it won’t last long. I’ll have salad every night from now on.

However, not everything looks better in the rain.


  1. Lovely photos. And who can resist a chicken that looks like it just encountered an electrical outlet? :)

  2. Tina’s wonderful. We just give her a hard time because we are jealous of so stylish a lady, don’t you think? The spider’s web is just gorgeous.

  3. The pictures are great! Tina’s do looks wonderful—not a hair out of place.

  4. Oh we desperately need rain out here in California. My chickens can’t find a decent bug anywhere. Love that style! Humans sometimes pay tons of money for that catwalk look:-)

  5. Thanks to everyone for chiming in! The Polish hens will be getting their crests trimmed soon. I keep it shorter so it doesn’t get wet and then freeze in the winter. So, look out for another stunning “do.”