Which One Is Prettier?

Lulu still has feathers falling out, and quills coming in, and new feathers unfurling. She is a mess. It’s saying something when the pitted old hen planter by the coop door is prettier than Lulu. But just wait till this winter. Lulu will be back to her gorgeous, graphically black & white plumage. I’ll be sure to put up a picture of her then. I owe it to Lulu – after posting these sorry views of her molting!


  1. Hens always look “uncomforable” to me during a hard molt. I have read that they don’t feel good during it. How you get a chicken to answer that question if they feel good is WAY over my head. ;-)

  2. Take a look around the hair dresser’s and see how we all look when we are getting gorgeous. I’ll take Lulu any day.

  3. I still think she’s a pretty hen. I can’t wait until spring when I’ll have some hens of my own.

  4. Hi Terry! Great pictures! Poor Lulu! What breed is she? Is she a maran by any chance?

  5. She’s definitely a speckled Sussex! If nothing else the idiotic behaviour is a dead giveaway… my two are completely hopeless but great fun. Bibby once couldn’t find her way out of an open sided crate…