How Candy Stays Busy

While I was on vacation, Candy started a project. Perhaps the rain and the newly softened dirt inspired her. Maybe it was simply boredom. In any case, she has been excavating. There’s the beginning of a cave, a runway, and a relaxing pit.

Here she is at work. She’s kicked up a lot of dirt. The chickens appreciate her efforts. They follow after her to see if she uncovers any delicious bugs.

Doesn’t Candy look satisfied?


  1. Busy bunny. Is the relaxing pit the indentation under the ramp to the hen coop? I noticed her cuddled in there a couple of times last week. Siouxsie or Tina was right along side as if to say “What have we here?”

    • The shade under the ramp is a favorite spot for Candy and has been like that for awhile. I guess she wanted a larger, cooler place to stretch out!