Candy’s Progress

Candy is enjoying the fruits of her labors.

Betsy knows it is not a good idea to bother a sleeping bunny. But, she sure would like to scratch in that dirt.


  1. Candy looks very happy, but what surprised me when I clicked on the camera is the 91 degrees, and PUMPKINS…don’t see that combination too often!
    What a wonderful adventure you went on, thanks for sharing the photos!

    • The pumpkins ripened much too fast this year – I’ve got a half dozen on my front porch! The farmers with pick-your-own operations are going to suffer. All the pumpkins are ready for sale now, and will be rotted by Halloween. It’s been an odd year! The pumpkins in the run have holes bored in them by some insect, so the girls get to eat them.

  2. My beagle does that. Every summer she digs up a place. Then all summer during the day she lays there. It’s suppose to be cooler for her. As for the early pumpkins—I hope it is a sign that Fall is on the way. First and foremost I’m sorry for the farmers. I keep them in my prayers always. Everything is so messed up today. Call me crazy but I think in a way that we are seeing the Bible fulfill itself.

    • I’m with you, Linda, re the Bible fulfillment. By the way, this is my first time posting, although I have read the blog for a while now. Found it earlier this summer and have learned so much. Thank you Terry for doing this. My husband and I got our first flock of chickens this past May. They are all doing well and are a constant source of entertainment. We live in the southern Adirondacks of NYS.