Back Home From a Long Road Trip

I put 1,000 miles on my car last week. A good chunk of the traveling entailed taking boys to and fro summer programs. In other words, hauling laundry.

But, 466 miles were logged taking the chickens to the set of an Animal Planet show. Philomena and Agnes rode in one crate, and Coco in another. They like road trips.

They thought that the other chickens at the hotel were quite beautiful.

I can’t tell you about the filming until the show airs sometime this fall. Suffice it to say that I was upstaged by my chickens. I’m getting quite used to it. I don’t mind. They were brilliant!


  1. What does the hotel say about your hens? I can imaging a British hotel freaking out!

    Hope I can view the show when it airs.


  2. I bet the maids had an eye opener when they cleaned the rooms. Did they get to roost in that nice big fancy chicken coop as known as a closet? Those had to be wonderful roosting bars in there and nice an high just like chickens like. ;-)

  3. Another question on something that just dawned on me. Does it upset the pecking order within the flock when you remove birds for a day or two?
    I know it does when I have loaned out roosters for their “services” for a week or two.

  4. The hotel was “pet friendly” AND charged a $100 surcharge. I only let the girls out briefly for a training session and to tidy up their crates! It was quite funny, but they went quickly back in their carriers.

    Good question, Ken. Philomena and Agnes are from the same hatch. They tend to stay together and not interact with the other hens (all much older) in their pen. So, taking them both away didn’t disturb anything. Taking Coco meant that only one bantam was left in the pen -but that doesn’t seem to bother anyone, either. The leghorns are used to that because I frequently take one or the other of them to school visits. They’re both at the bottom of the pecking order, so nothing shifts when they’re away.

  5. So cute! I did not miss work over summer vacation, but I missed your blogs! So glad to see them!

  6. You must be so happy to be home! Sounds like quite an adventure though! I love the photo!