1. Oh, but they enjoy the blow-dry don’t they? Gladys stands on my kitchen drainer gazing blissfully out of the window while I fluff her up. What shampoo do you use? My friend who is a breeder of champion Sussex (and who has just gone through the rigmarole of posting eggs to the US)recommends VO5. I use Tisserand organic lavender…. not that I’m spoiling them or anything.

    • They do love a blow-dry but I didn’t have to this time – it was sunny out, so I put them in an x-pen on the lawn and they sunbathed. I used my dog’s expensive herbal shampoo. Rosemary oil and such in it. They smell nice!

  2. I wonder what the expression “mad as wet hard” got started or why it was used?

  3. Just wondering, what prompted you to give your hen a bath? Hope she is ok or maybe you are showing her? I can see me lining all 12 of my hens up for weekly bath time. My silkies needed a good bath yesterday after all the rain we had in the east. They looked like drowned rats all feathers going which way and bits of peat moss. They stay under the overhang but refuse to go in the coop!

  4. In the heat and humidity that we’re having here in Minnesota, my hens would probably be grateful for a bath!

    Maybe I’ll try it…

    Nah, it’s too hot!

  5. My chicken sandy, the one with one eye, used to fall asleep in the bath! I would hold her head up and just let her soak for a while. She too loved to be blower dry. she would get a bath before her appearances as well.

  6. Great picture! We just found your website and my 6 and 4 year old can’t wait to see what is going on in the hen house every morning! We will be starting our chicken adventure this late summer or fall! Can’t wait! Hope the show went well!

    • Your kids will love having hens! There’s a natural affinity between chickens and children. In the meantime, get Tillie Lays an Egg out of the library.