Taking Care of Business

You might have noticed a couple of new links at the bottom of the HenCam homepage. If you haven’t yet checked out the ringtones by the Little Pond Farm Animal Choir, please do! I’ve no idea how many people have purchased ringtones by Marge and the other vocal enthusiasts here, because iTunes charges for that info (and it’d probably cost me more to find out than I made – we’re not exactly music moguls here.) It’d help if you left a review on the iTunes site.

I’ve also opened up a store at Cafepress.com. I came up with this logo:

Right now, just bumper stickers are listed (perfect for cubicles, too!) If you’d like one of the other cafepress.com products with this logo, let me know and we’ll set it up for you. I’m not thrilled with the quality of the clothing on cafepress, but the bumper stickers look great, and I listed it at the best price I could (we’re not bumper sticker moguls here, either!)

A few updates:

1. The fine oil spray did a number on the sawfly larvae. I’ll be trying it on my veg patch this summer and let you know if it puts a dent in my scourge of cucumber beetles. When I run out, I’ll try some of your suggestions.

2. Candy’s ears are looking good. Fur is growing back in. I’ve a feeling that I’ll be treating her for fungus again – it’s something that will likely return, but at least I know how to deal with it now and make her comfortable.

3. Despite the bone chip in Caper’s knee, and his obvious, ouchy-gimpyness, he continues to have a robust appetite AND do silly goat things that certainly can’t help the healing. He’s the goat that, in the blink of an eye, jumps onto an empty trash can and knocks it over, then leaps to another can and spills all of Candy’s treats, and then sees if he can dislodge the rakes hanging in the barn. At this point (4 seconds later?) I manage to stop the chaos and get him back where he belongs. Perhaps this is why he’s the one with the bone chip? Pip never gets in such trouble.

Caper denies everything. Except eating my flowers. See the iris leaf in his mouth? Proof!


  1. Sort of like the cat with the canary feathers stuck to it’s lips.

    I have hen that jumps into the feed cans when I take the lid off (the food is fresher I suppose), jumps up on the perch in front of the nest boxes when I gather eggs and just gets in the way, I have to back of out the coop with me keeping her at bay with my foot, otherwise she makes an escape and makes a mad dash for the lilly beds to scratch in the mulch. The best is she occassionally stands in the empty water pans while I’m trying to fill them. She was “hand” raised from a hatchling with three others and would rather be around humans then her feathered friends.

  2. Oh, but just LOOK at that beautiful face…
    How could you deny him anything???

    I enjoyed Ken’s comment as well!