It’s been almost two weeks since I took Candy to the vet. Since then, I’ve been cleaning her ears with a disinfectant, rubbing on an anti-fungal ointment, and keeping her out of the sun. Up until a couple of days ago, her ears still had some scaly, lumpy patches of fungus and dry skin. I added another ointment to her treatments, which moisturized the skin, and that seemed to do the trick. Candy’s ears are now as soft as… well as bunny ears. Fur is growing back. She’s out and about again. I’ll be keeping a close eye on her condition. Fungal infections are notorious for coming back.

Meanwhile, the lawn guys once again forgot to come and mow last week. No one is complaining.

The goats do like to eat clover. However, they like my raspberry and rose bushes better. And the basil, black-eyed Susans and cherry tree. Notice the leashes the boys are trailing. I let them loose on the lawn, but I often have to redirect their grazing!

The chickens love the clover. They eat the blossoms and the leaves. Lulu chases after the bees, which is quite comical to see. Her running gait is a rocking waddle! Betsy never looks silly. She is always regal.

A honeybee got into my garden clogs and stung me on my big toe. It was VERY painful. I like the bees, but I’d like to be able to walk on my lawn safely. It’s time for the mowers to come!


    • Lauren, she’s giving me a LOOK! She really didn’t like the treatments. The medicine stung, and I had to scrape the fungus off with my fingernails. She is so happy to be back and not fussed with!

  1. I was longing to see Candy. She is beautiful with its new ears. You’re an excellent mistress of animals

  2. Thanks for those lovely pictures Terry great photography

  3. Great photos! I especially like the one of Betsy in the clover. My girls love the clover but they leave the flowers!? I wonder if when they are older that will change? It looks funny to see all the tall flowers with no green beneath them. I haven’t visited your blogs recently. It was fun to catch up. Glad Candy’s ears are better!

  4. Full disclosure – I took the pic of Candy, but the other photos that everyone is complimenting were taken by Steve. He’s got a very good camera and knows how to use it – unlike me, who points and shoots.

  5. Candy is so adorable!!! I know lops are harder to take care of than regular bunnies, but I just love the way they look!!!

    Thanks for the advice on the garden. I think we’ll end up putting chicken wire around the plywood on the bottom.

  6. Candy is up to her old tricks I see!! I looked @ the inside hen cam and she quickly dashed out the door like she knew I was watching and she was being a baaaaaaaddddd girl!! ROFLMAO!!