Working From Home

Many of you are jealous that I can combine my work as a writer with staying home at Little Pond Farm. You might think that I have extra productive hours because I don’t have a commute. You might watch the HenCam and think, how idyllic!

Then again, if you were watching just moments ago (early afternoon) then you saw that I was NOT at my desk, working on what I’d promised to get to my agent (sorry, Carrie!) No, I was sprinting across the lawn to extricate one of my goats from yet another goat drama.

Ever since the goat boys were little kids, they’ve had a plastic picnic table to play on, and to sunbathe on top of. It’s safe goat furniture. Lots of goat people have them. Here’s a photo of Caper helping me muck out his stall. You can see the table in the background.

Pip somehow shimmied his way under the table. Then he tried to squeeze out between the bench and the table top. He got stuck, like a turtle in a shell. So then Pip tried to buck it off. That didn’t work, either, so he galloped madly about. Caper, smartly (for once) stayed out of the way of the rampaging picnic table.

I was in the kitchen, pouring coffee, when I saw Pip’s head looking out from under the table. I put the coffee cup down. When I saw him stand up, with the table stuck to his back, I started running. By the time I got to the paddock, he’d flipped the table off and was peering at it with this wonderfully innocent, quizzical expression on his face. He looked up at me. Why’s that upside down and over here? he asked. I’m itchy, he said. That’s why I went under the table. I gave him a good scratching, and Caper, too. Then I went in and got my coffee and headed back to my office.

But, on my way down the hall I heard Scooter gagging. He threw-up, so I took him outside, where he trotted around happily. I brought him back in and cleaned up the mess.

I am now at the computer. I am now getting to work. Really, Carrie, I am. You’ll get that book revision soon.


  1. Ah … what fun life… God bless you for taking such good care of animals. I laughed a lot reading this story.

  2. Glad u were home and saw it happen and got too him so quickly!! I all ways worry about my bunny kids doing something like that with their toys when I am away. I was @ work yesterday when we had a 7.2 earthquake here. I called my roomie and he said the bunny kids were a little freaked but ok. The cats though had total disappeared. They showed up when I got home thankfully. My black cat did not leave my side for quite a while. Had minor damage @ the animal shelter I work at but other then a little freaked out were ok!! Biggest earthquake in San Diego area since late 1800’s.

  3. LOL!! If it’s not the kids, it’s the animals :)Thanks for sharing more of the “idyllic” moments at Little Pond Farm!

  4. I’m a work-at-home person, too, and have interrupted more than my share of phone conversations with “holy crap…I’ll call you right back” because of something going on out the window. Rattlesnake on the porch, coyote in the corral, goat with pail stuck on his head. My favorite though was when I had to tell a new client “call you right back – my pig is stuck in her sleeping bag.”

  5. I can relate! I have four cats, two dogs, and 4 chickens—my world can change at any second.

  6. This morning, (your time last night Sunday night) I was waiting to see you put the goats to bed, it got darker and darker and the webcams went off before I could watch them, the rabbit came down to talk to the goats was lovely but couldn’t help worrying about them he he I guess sometimes you just wait for the cameras to go off before you put them to bed, must be a bit off putting sometimes knowing the world is watching what you do.
    Kindest Regards and love watching

    Ann-Marie in Australia

    • Now that the weather is nice I don’t have to close them up right at nightfall. The boys hate being put to bed, but Candy is even worse. She loves her in the dark hop around. You’re right about the three of them having a little tete-de-tete. I think they’re plotting how to stay out all night!

  7. Hi Terry….I loved this story! A couple months ago I got a call from a man who was doing some work for me at our home…asking me if I had a “camel”….Well, no….but do you mean a llama? Yes..he tells me..I think something is wrong because I can’t see his face because there is something stuck on it…Ok…so do I leave work with a room full of kids to find out what this knucklehead did? After I calmed down I called my lovely stay-at-home neighbor to investigate…She called me again at work to tell me he had a blue feed bucket pulled on his head with the handle under his chin like a chin-strap. He was so humiliated, he stood still and let her pull it off…yes….where was that dang camera???????