I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts for the last few days. Partly, it’s the post-MARTHA let-down. I’d been running on adrenalin, and you know that can’t last. Partly, I’m betwixt and between writing projects. My agent is shopping a few books around. Hopefully, one or more will be bought, and with the input of an editor I can get back to work on them. I’ve had a picture book rejected for “having too many words” so I need to get back to that and cut, cut, cut. Another book proposal needs rewriting and a sample chapter finished before my agent can show it to an editor. Basically, I’m in the middle of a lot of projects. I’m not at the beginning stages with the “aha” thrilling moments of invention, and I’m not at the nuts and bolts of the final edits. I’m at the hard work stage.

But, I’m not writing. Instead, I cleaned out my file cabinets. Now there is a clear place for each project (there are nine files – I’ve had a lot of “aha” moments.) I’ve cleared off my desk. I’ve moved compost. I’ve bathed the dogs. I’ve been reading many, many wonderful emails from readers of this blog. (Thank you! I’ve been enjoying every note!) I planted lettuce.

I was about to sit down at my computer and finally get to writing work. Really and truly. But the mailman drove up with a package for me! From my friend, in England, Celia Hart. It was an out-of-the blue, unexpected Easter gift. Here is what she sent.

Chicken ornaments! Heritage bean cards! A raffia flower! All made by her. Some of this is available in her store, but you don’t have to buy a thing. Her blog is a gift in itself.

Now, I am ready to get to work. After I hang the ornaments in my office window.


  1. Terry, you’re a great woman versatile. Makes a bit of everything. I’m your fan for sure!

  2. WOW! That’s a lot of projects!!! I think it is both a plus and a minus to work at home….. definitely distracting and easier to procrastinate when you have so much on your plate. I know I suffer from that when I am working at home.

    Fantastic gifts! I love her work– thanks for the link to her site/blog! I am going to start saving some money for a print. Hope the one I want doesn’t sell out before I get a chance to buy it.

  3. Missed Martha’s show on Friday but just watched in online – I can’t believe you clicker-trained a chicken! Well, yes, I can believe it, but how cool. Poor Tillie, though…there’s Martha click-click-clicking away, confusing her. Anyway, you and Tillie both did such a great job – I enjoyed seeing you in person.

    • I actually clicker trained several chickens! All of the photos in Tillie Lays an Egg were staged. What’s so wonderful about that sort of training is that the animals are happy and relaxed. It looks natural. BTW, I’m training my goats. Just for fun. Am currently working on goat soccer. There’s lots of head butting to get to the ball :)

  4. I empathize. For years I worked at home. It was always more fun to play fetch with the cat, putter in the garden, go for a walk, or… I found it better to get whatever out of my system, then get on with it. Retired now, I continue working at home, but for free. I admit fetch, gardening, walks, etc. take more of my time, but my m.o. is the same.

    Celia’s blog is great! Thanks for the links. What a good friend, to send you all those beautiful gifts!

    Regarding “Martha,” I’m with 7msn. The clicking incident was not a Good Thing! You and Coco, however, definitely were. I enjoyed reading your pre- and post-Martha posts, particularly the photo of Coco on the towel rack!

    I love the goat soccer idea. I can’t wait to see that! (Maybe a video blog post?)

  5. I think it was wonderful when I read about you being on Martha. As a school librarian I was unable to watch the episode but would have loved to been able to watch the interviews. My elementary students love our chicken books and I have my own little brood. In fact the pretties little banty is setting right now. I go out and watch her afterschool hoping she hatches a couple of cuties so I can take them all to school for the students to observe.