And The Winner Is….

I received a gazillion entries in the win a chicken purse contest. (Actually, the real number was 209, which is A LOT!) Thank you so much for all of your sweet, funny, notes. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to write to each and every one of you, but I appreciated every letter!

I’ve been asked about how I deal with the lack of privacy, what with being on camera whenever I go out to the coops. The answer is – I no longer wear PJs out to the barn in the morning. Honestly, sometimes I am self-conscious. But, the trade-off is that I’m able to share this small, delightful, corner of the world with people who need it. I’ve heard from a teacher of a special-needs deaf boy, who watches the goats on a computer in his classroom. I’ve heard from people who work in windowless beige cubicles who keep HenCam on as their window to sanity. I’ve heard from elderly people who used to have chickens, but no longer can, and they watch my girls with nostalgia. Then, there’s the soon-to-be urban hen keepers looking for advice, and the chicken owners who just can’t get enough of the poultry experience and use HenCam as a community of like-minded chicken-lovers. I’ve heard from 4-H kids, and 3-year olds  who love Tillie. So, the trade-off of not wearing PJs to the barn is that I get the joy of sharing this “happy place” with so many people. On balance, I think I get the best end of the deal.

I wish that I had a purse for each and every one of you! But, after using a random number generator on my computer, the winner is Katie Johnson! Congratulations!


  1. We’re awfully glad you are enjoying this as much as we are Terry! Sad that I didn’t win, but I think the coin purse might be a treat to myself this month- it will make me laugh!!

  2. I waited anxiously all week for the result, I thought I would win …. but alright!
    Watched the TV program on the link, I was very happy to see you and Coco. A big hug

    • The internet is wonderful that you could see the show in Brazil! But I suppose there’s no way to get it translated? No matter – I didn’t say much :)

  3. Spent the week on Kauai where the unofficial state bird is the chicken! There are hens, roosters, chicks EVERYWHERE. They roam free and were the subject of many photos. Congratulations to Katie.

  4. Congratulations to Katie! I hope she enjoys wearing such a cute and adorable purse.