Happy Birthday Goats!

Pip and Caper are a year old today! They are twin brothers, and like many siblings, they look and act nothing alike. Also, like many brothers, despite jealousies and head buttings, they are best friends.

What should they get for their birthday dinner? Acorn cake? Bramble salad? Clover pie?

The goats make me happy. I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t go gaga over my goats. Try NOT to smile when you hang out with them. Impossible! Even when they jump on the goatcam camera and break the housing and Steve has to spend much of Sunday fixing it, he still smiles at the goats. That says something!

So, happy birthday boys. I’ve got a sweet feed cake dusted with salty minerals coming your way.


  1. I’m smiling just looking at this photo! Happy Birthday cuties! Acorn cake??? I’d like to see that one. :) Bramble salad sounds like a treat!

    Looking at this photo as I type and boy is it precious! :D

    Enjoy the day!

  2. Happy Birthday Fellas!!!!!! May your day be filled with lots of sunshine and plenty of treats.

  3. Happy Birthday Pip and Caper! And happy day for you Terry – they look like cheerful little chaps! Lucky boys getting goat treats too!


  4. I think they know it is their birthday…the are wild and wooly today! Terry? Did I see you chase Candy with a towel this morning? I know that trick!

    • Yes, I hope no one thought I was being mean to her! Candy has a fungus infection on her ears. I gave her a tea tree oil head bath on Saturday – which means she doesn’t want anything to do with me today. But, I had to put medicated cream on her ears, so, the old trick of dropping a towel on the bunny. For those who don’t know – bunnies become immediately calm when they are wrapped in a towel.

  5. Happy Birthday Boys! That is the cutest photo ever!

    Your possible birthday treats remind me of the food items in the Brian Jacques “Redwall” book series. The food in those always made me hungry and sounded delicious! I don’t eat clover, but clover pie sounds yummy! Perhaps because it has the word “pie” in it! :)

    Have a great day…..

  6. To the Birthday boys — Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Pip and Caper! Happy birthday to you! Enjoy this beautiful day and your yummy treats. The goat maid took the PERFECT birthday portrait of you guys this morning.

    Ah hah! I wondered what all that construction was about yesterday. The still-smiling-Steve not only speaks to the goats’ cute quotient, but says something of him as well.

    Re: Candy — I hope she’s better soon. It seems the wet weather has been over for a while. How did Candy get a fungus infection? Is this a common thing with bunnies?

    • Furry animals are susceptible to fungus infections when they’re outside in the muck, cold and wet. Candy has a lovely dry hutch to stay in, but she does like her hop-around! Unfortunately, those lop ears drag in the dirt. She might stay cleaner inside, but she’s definitely happier out!

  7. Happy Birthday to the cute and rambunctious boys.

  8. Oh what beautiful babies …. adorable! Happy Birthday, Pip and Caper, you are very dear to us that we are watching every day.

  9. Happy Birthday goats, have a good day, and have a good birthday of course too!

    • Your little guys are too precious, Happy Bday and many many more!! you seem to be such a warm hearted person, to love animals the way you do. you make my heart feel good, when i go to your website daily now, i’m totall addicted to it.