Renaissance Goats

Goat are silly animals with big personalities. They have beards. They stare. They talk. They get in your face and climb on your lap. It’s no surprise then, that artists don’t take them too seriously. Do a google image search for “goat art” and you’ll see what I mean.

However, beauty is all in the eye of the beholder, and as comical as my boys are, they are also beautiful. So, I was thrilled when, at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, I came across these andirons.

They were crafted in Paris in 1785. Imagine them with a blazing fire behind. Glowing gold goats! Alas, the gift shop doesn’t sell reproductions.

Thank you all for your birthday goat wishes. For a special treat, I let my boys graze under the oak tree. They ate their fill of acorns, and then trimmed my oregano patch for a digestif.


  1. How adorable! So sorry you couldn’t take home a reasonable facsimile. (Thanks for the info on Candy’s condition yesterday. I hope her ears don’t hurt, and that she’s better soon.)

  2. Hi, Can you speak to whether a couple of “yard” goats would be likely to get along with three small terriers? I have long wanted a couple of quite small goats to love, and to keep the grass mowed. Only problem is that unless I develop some serious self discipline, they would end up in the house. I don’t think that would be a good thing. Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated. That museum piece is stunning! Michele

  3. Oh, PS: We live out in the country in East Texas, and lots of people have herds of goats around us. I don’t want a whole herd. Michele

  4. Hi Michele- Goats are curious, gregarious and usually friendly. Mine like the bunny, the chickens, people…. but, they do NOT like to be scared or chased. Goats are prey animals – they’re hard-wired to panic and run from danger. As all of us who love terriers know, it’s not size that matters. It’s attitude! So, if your cute little dogs are well-trained, show restraint, and won’t yip-yip-yip at the goats, they will likely get along. But, if you dogs are prey-driven animals who just can’t help themselves, then I wouldn’t have them mingling with the goats.

  5. Hi Terry…Looks dreary there today (Wednesday)….all the birds are hiding out in the coop?