Squish, Squish, Fish

The yard is a squishy, slushy, thawing, mess, which speaks of spring, except it’s windy-cold out and a couple of inches of snow are expected this evening.

orange sneakers

However, time marches inexorable. (Such a cliche phrase, but I can’t resist using the word inexorable.) There’s proof of it in my pond.

In the fall, when the weather gets chilly, the fish in the pond slow down. I stop feeding them. In winter, ice and snow covers the water feature and the fish hibernate under the big rock.

The ice is receding.

pond ice

Look who’s swimming around.


The Beast survived the winter, too. I saw her yesterday, moving slowly, but moving.


  1. I love my garden pond as well, so relaxing.
    My pond is about 4 feet deep and mine doesn’t freeze over very often as the bottom pump (which I turn on low for the winter)which brings the water to the top seems to be able to keep the surface above freezing.
    I too saw my fish stirring at the top this past weekend. It will soon be time to buy the food that is literally worth it’s weight in gold!

  2. What a beautiful pond! I will have to search the archives for more pictures.

  3. Hi Terry. I’m new to your site but love it. Your animals are adorable. We’re planning on moving to the country this year and hopefully will have some mini horses and a few chickens, guineas, and a couple of geese. can’t wait. Your animals have such nice clean houses. I love animal lovers…lol

  4. Terry, as always you fancy with their animals. What lovely lake!