Out and About

It didn’t rain yesterday! No snow, no slush, no drizzle. Not even strong winds. Despite the clouds and the overall grey (oh, how I wish for some cheering sun,) snow melted and the chickens spied grass through the fence. They insisted on an outing. I checked the skies for hawks. All clear.

Buffy strides right out. I haven’t seen her move this fast for ages.


The ice around the goat’s paddock gate finally melted, so they got an outing, too.

Why stand on one chair, when you can try out two?

on chairs

But, the boys don’t go too far without checking back in with me.

checking in

Everyone likes a different perspective on their home. Philomena gets up high. Caper tastes the door handle. Life is just so interesting!

goat and chicken

This morning wet snow flurries are coming down. Leaves are blowing and treetops swaying – it’s exactly how March winds are supposed to be. But, it’s a springtime blow, we can all feel it. Smell it, too. The mint in the goat’s paddock is coming up, and when I raked there yesterday, the air smelled green.


  1. Your post gave me hope and reminded me of the famous passage from Pippa Passes written by Robert Browning.

    The year’s at the spring,
    And day’s at the morn;
    Morning’s at seven;
    The hill-side’s dew-pearled;
    The lark’s on the wing;
    The snail’s on the thorn;
    God’s in his Heaven-
    All’s right with the World.

  2. Love the picture of hen-goat interaction.
    I’m thinking of adding a rabbit to the henhouse of ~100 hens and two roosters. How do you and the chickens handle rabbit droppings?

    • It’s the other way around. The chicken droppings can be a problem for the rabbit – especially if the rabbit hangs out under the roosts. Rabbit manure is such great stuff – no need to compost. It won’t burn plants. It can go right on the garden. I’ve got a FAQ on rabbits and chickens. Check my FAQ page.

      • Thanks, that’s quite helpful. The challenge is any tunnels a bunny digs from the already fenced run. It’s too late to sink fencing into the ground there.
        Do the chickens eat the bunny droppings at your run?
        The hens would be fine but the roosters might pick a fight.

        • Candy has made some amazing tunnels. I think you should create separate housing for your bunny. 100 pullets and a couple of roosters are probably too much for one rabbit to handle. BTW, the chickens ignore the rabbit manure, and the rabbit ignores the chicken poo. But, I keep things clean. Bunnies don’t like to hop through slop!

  3. Looks like Caper is getting ready to get a peck on the nose, did it happen?

  4. Terry, your life is a lot of fun with their pets … How delightful!!

  5. I live near Slidell Louisiana and it’s suppose to be around 70 by Sunday. HOORAY! I’m getting tired of all this cold. I too think Spring is right around the corner.

  6. Thanks for the great pics! Very sweet & amusing……
    I happened to tune in yesterday and saw you with the muck bucket and wondered if the girls were out since Candy was locked in…. My girls want out badly, but my yard is still covered in snow, so they are going to have to wait a bit.

    Received my Farmstead Egg Cookbook today! Wanted to compliment you on a lovely publication– great photos of both food and chickens! And everything looks so yummy. Can’t wait to try the recipes…. So glad I got a copy before they sold out everywhere.

    • Yes, poor Candy is the only one who doesn’t get a free-range. I’d never be able to get her back to safety.
      I’m glad you got a copy!

  7. Terry – My little buff just went scurrying all around the yard, too — couldn’t help herself — spring is definietly in the air!