Scooter Keeps Up

Scooter on a hike

Three years ago, I decided that Lily needed a dog companion, one that she could rough-house with and challenge to tug-of-war games. On, I located a twenty-four pound corgi-mix who had just found her way into foster care and had whelped a litter of pups. I went to see. I was sure that the boy pup was just what I had in mind – a corgi-terrier -a tough mid-sized farm dog. I was wrong. Dad must have been a chihuahua. Scooter maxed out at 10 1/2 pounds.

I’ve never been a toy dog lover. I’ve no desire to dress up a dog, or baby a shivery, nervous, twitchy little thing. I think he’s relieved. He does shiver, and likes to sleep in sunny spots, but Scooter hates, hates, hates, to wear coats. He does not want to be carried around. Although he doesn’t play tug-of-war with Lily, he does bite her toes and makes her chase him.

Today we went for a walk in the woods. It was icy and muddy, but Scooter kept up. He leapt raging rivulets of water! He waded belly-deep through cold mud! He sniffed smells that needed sniffing and he left his mark on every three-inch high mound of turf. Scooter says he might be little, but he’s no toy.

This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his creature comforts at home. Even the big dogs get to curl up and rest.

Scooter at rest


  1. I think your dogs are precious. I own one of those toy dogs. Mine is a Chihuahua and no I don’t dress her in dresses or anything like that. She does have a sweater and a water proof jacket for rainy cold days when she goes out to do her business but that’s it. She’s like my child yes but in the end she’s not a child. Yes, she shivers but she’s not your average Chihuahua. She’s very laid back and quite loving. She an excellent watch dog. She forgets that she is a tiny dog and not a big dog. Pookie has been a faithful and great companion and is soon to celebrate her 11th birthday.

  2. How cute. When my aunt passed away I got her little poodle. I don’t think he ever reached 10 lbs. He was 15 when we got him, and was already starting to show his age. He was 18 when he left us, and we were heart broken. He was carried everywhere, and enjoyed sleeping on car rides to my parents 1.5 hours away. He went totally blind and had to be carried outside for potty breaks and brought back inside. He had to be fed separately from the other pets, too. He was so much more than a handful to take care of, but we grew to love him a lot. He is sorely missed and has a nice little grave in the back yard, under the Magnolia tree, complete with a head stone.

  3. Ha! I totally understand. I have never wanted a fancy, shivering, little so-called foo-foo doggie, but ever since I have been dog walking and pet sitting for a living, I have fallen in love with some of them. Plus, my own two full-sized dogs love these little guys. I’m pretty sure they want me to get them a little dog, and I think I might. What’s one more animal!

    Already have two dogs, two cats, one chicken, a Sun Conure, and some pond fish. Life is good.

  4. Hi Linda and Randy- One of the good things about little dogs is their longevity!
    Rick- I joke that Lily thinks that Scooter is the best squeak toy we ever got her. They rough-house, but Lily has total bite inhibition with him. Scooter is the instigator and the pest. It’s made Lily quite happy.

    • I’d like to add that I have 3 cats, 2 dogs (my chihuahua and a beagle), and two chickens. Along with my 82 year old mom we are a family of sorts I guess. Everyone gets a long basically or as I say we agree to disagree but in the end have respect for one another.

  5. Ohhh he is so cute er tough. ;)
    We have 2 small dogs and 1 medium sized dog.
    I think we need a big dog now too!

  6. What a cutie. I bet he’s a big dog in a little dog package. :) I own 2 female min pins who are not foo foo dogs even though small and a female german pinscher who weighs about 36#. Both of these breeds are ratters and mousers and would love farm life.

  7. 53 degrees and sunny! What a treat for you and all the animals!! Welcome Spring!!

  8. Terry, I’ve told you before but I have to say it again that is the cutest dog.
    I too have always been a big dog type of guy, well Lulu my Boston Terrier changed that!!!! What a dog, smart, active, cute, lovable you name it.