Goats Gambol

My bedroom window looks out into the backyard. When I woke this morning, delighted to see the sun (a brief respite before more snow and rain) I lucked out and saw Pip at the very moment that my husband opened his stall door to let him out. I think that Pip was as surprised to see the sun as I was. Instead of a inch of standing water on top of ice, there was bare ground underfoot. Pip leapt. He ran. He bounced. In short, he gamboled. I grinned. And I thought, how often does a person get to use the word gambol? It’s a good life when that’s the first thing one thinks of in the morning.

gambol |ˈgambəl|verb ( -boled -boling Brit. -bolled, -bolling) [ intrans. ]run or jump about playfully


  1. My 1st graders peeked at the Hens & goats today for the first time. We ventured over here & read a few of your entries, too. I’m thrilled you got to use the word gambol because it enriched our day, too!

    • I’m glad you visited! Words like “gambol” and “frisky” and “waddle” are all good reasons to have animals. If your 1st graders write up a list of animal movement words, I’d be interested in reading it. Maybe one of their words will make it into my next book :)