We’ve been having torrential rain for three days without a break. Snow piles are melting. Ice is disappearing into what are now raging rivers. School was delayed several hours, and the children living on North Road were given an excused absence. The bus can’t reach them. The wind is gusting. In short, it’s a mess out there.

Goats do not like to get wet. They’re bored. Chickens don’t like the wet either. They’re cooped up inside, annoyed with each other. The dogs are sulking. But, the Beast is swimming in her now much enlarged pond. At least she’s happy.


  1. As I was cooped up (pun intended) this weekend because of rain I watched too much tv and saw what you were going through on the Weather Channel. Not fun. Have you lost any trees?
    They are predicting a heavy flood season here due to all the snow up north that feeds into the Mississippi.

  2. My two mini schnauzers don’t like the rain either. I groomed them Friday so now those first cold raindrops landing on their back is even more uncomfortable. I keep thinking I should get them each a rain slicker, but I’m not one to dress up my dogs. If I knew they’d appreciate it maybe.

      • That’s funny! I’ve walked mine out with an umbrella over them a few times too.

        • When it rains here I use an umbrella over my Chihuahua. Whenever it rains or is very cold it just seems like it takes her forever to find that perfect pee spot. Many times she smells around and goes back to the first place she smelled. By that time I’m either drenched or frozen. I love her anyway though.

  3. Terry, please explain who the “Beast”? I can not understand!