On The Road

I’m leaving first thing tomorrow morning on a road trip to the Adirondacks. I’ve got a 300 mile drive. The weather won’t be great – it’ll be raining, but that’s better than snow in the mountains. Despite the lack of sun, I’m looking forward to the trip. My best friend, who I met at UNH when we were both working towards a BS in Animal Science, lives in the southern end of the Adirondacks. I’ll get to spend the night at her home. Melissa lives in a house that she built herself (really built, as in did the hard work with hammers and power tools, etc). I can’t wait to put my feet up and have a long conversation.

The next day, I’ll be giving a talk at The Wild Center. Check out their web site. I love nature centers. And nature centers with otters? The best! I’ve never been that far north in New York State, but I’ve heard it’s one of those places that gets into people’s hearts.

On the way home, I’ll be stopping here. Good thing I won’t have a chicken in the car with me. I’ve been to the King Arthur store before, and I always tend to get carried away. Without the chicken crate, I’ll have room for all of those interesting flours, and five types of chocolate chips! I have the $10 from this week’s egg sales in my wallet. I’m thinking I’ll use it to splurge on baked goods at the King Arthur cafe. Then again, I might find something on my drive tomorrow. You never know with a road trip.


  1. Oh lord Terry, I’m not sure what would happen to me if I actually found myself in the King Arthur store; I have enough trouble controlling myself online! Have fun…there is nothing better than seeing old friends, enjoying a bit of a road trip, and then coming home to a hint of early Spring. Here in DC there are a few crocus blooming, and the birds are all singing their early morning songs again, so you know a new season is around the corner!

    • They have stuff I don’t even notice in the catalog. I’ve been baking bread with their 10-grain mix. Have just run out. And have just finished the last of their extra-bittersweet chocolate chips. Have you baked with those? My son loves the mint chips. I’ve also run out of the Italian bread flour. It’s going to be a full car on the way home! But really, this is a work trip. I’m giving a terrific (if I do say so myself) presentation on backyard chicken keeping. And, I’m doing a children’s program – which I’ve brought feathers from home for a craft project. Anyone out there ready to take a road trip to meet me at the Wild Center???

  2. Hah! I live 15 minutes from the Bob’s Red Mill store & cafe. Evil. Evil, I tell you! Stupid black hole swirling vortex that my money keeps disappearing into…

  3. Enjoy it Terry! This morning I’m going to one of the area schools to purchase 3 Rhode Island Reds to add to my flock. The new additions will make a flock of 5. I already have 2 Buff Orpingtons and am satisfied with them but decided I wanted to add to them. I’m looking forward to getting the new additions. I am thinking that in the coming weeks I make try and make a little ‘egg money’ myself. Oh well enjoy your trip—enjoy your weekend.

  4. My other half doesn’t like to take road trips with me. If it should be a 4 hour drive it will take me 8. I love the back way and love to stop at all the unique stores on the way.
    Enjoy, drive safe and don’t spend too much ;-)

  5. Unfortunately, (or maybe really fortunately for my bank account) I’m a good deal further from Vermont than 300 miles (more like 2.5 to 3 times that from NC). I really envy you that stop on your trip. But there’s always the web site :), :), :).
    Just to tease you a bit, my crocuses are just coming into bloom and the dafs aren’t far behind. But everything delayed this year with the unseasonably chilly late winter. Fortunately, little to no snow.

  6. I saw you picking up feathers in the coop one day & wondered what that was all about. Hmmm…..I’ll bet it was for the children’s craft project! Hope you’ll show a photo-sounds fun.

  7. Have a wonderful time Terry! I thought of you this morning as I packed up my car to take my giant English Sussex who is beyond broody, to school today for show and tell..Cage, water, food, shavings, towel for accidents, box for broody hen with some fake Easter eggs so she will be amused..she was all hunkered down and fine until I turned on the windshield wipers…she flew out of the box and landed on top of my steering wheel..luckily a woman that I cut off did not yell nasties at me when she saw the giant bird perched on the dash..Anyway, got her back in the box, secured the lid and she is here now happy as a clam…I am not doing this again for a while!

    • Oh, no, Donna! My hens travel in a wire dog crate (the banties in a guinea pig cage.) No chickens riding shotgun!!

      • I need a bigger car! She was so content sitting there on her pink egg I didn’t think she would mind..now I know better..time to scan the want ads for a carrier..I saw some at the pet store..too much..almost $60.00 for a 24″ one…I am too cheap for that….

        • I have yet to read, Tillie Lays An Egg, so I don’t know if Tillie ever drives, but when I read Donna’s story my imagination had a wonderful time with some lovely illustrations of a hen on a steering wheel, and the other driver’s eyes bulging at the site of it! :)

  8. Have a groovy trip, Terry. The snow’s all gone here in NE Ohio and it’s raining like crazy. I let the 7 girls out for a little free ranging two days ago and then spotted Mr. Hawk. Back they went into the run! I’m buying at least 5 more hens for my flock this spring. And I’ve been selling eggs to 3 customers. They want more eggs all the time! I guess I’m now in the egg business.

  9. Terry, my mom used KAF for as long as I can remember but I had no idea until I started baking for my own family that their store was in VT. I took a couple road trips there before kids. I just love their merchandise! I can’t afford to buy all the things I really want but every once in a while I splurge and order from their website. I just recently purchased their espresso powder so I can enhance my favorite chocolate recipes. I used it in a chocolate crinkle cookie recipe and it really made a difference. I tried the Fiori Di Sicilia in a baked french toast recipe and a sugar cookie recipe. Family wasn’t very fond of the Fiori in either recipe so I am determined to find something it works well in. It sounded so delicious when I read about it! I love to bake bread and buy my SAF yeast from them as it is less expensive that way.