A Good Weekend

I appreciated all of your cheerful send-offs for my road trip. It was a really, really long drive, but worth it. I haven’t had a visit with my friend, Melissa, for years. I arrived early afternoon, met her new dog, took a short walk, and chatted. Ate dinner. Talked some more. Mostly, we talked about animals. I think I finally got around to mentioning my children sometime after dinner. Did I mention that she’s my best friend? I’ve known her thirty years and we’re still not tired of our favorite topic.

On Saturday I drove through some gorgeous country to get to the Wild Center.

As I was leaving, near dusk that afternoon, at this very same spot, a bald eagle was flying across the frozen lake.

I brought my camera, I even had it charged up, but I was so busy that I didn’t use it! First, there was storytime for a crowd of children. Then, I got a backstage tour of the Center’s animals. Otters! Ravens, a porcupine, a muskrat, fish, turtles! Then, it was time to do my chicken keeping talk. There was a big crowd who listened attentively, laughed in all the places I’d hoped they would, and at the end had good questions.

Meanwhile, volunteers were busy making masks with the children. I’d hoped to join them, but was still deep in conversation. I did manage to snap this, though, with my iphone.

Each child got a feather from my flock, and then a handful of craft feathers. Look at how stunning Petunia’s wing feather looks here!

The drive home was 300 miles, almost all in pouring rain with gusting winds. Oh, and there was freezing rain in the mountains. But, it was all worth it. I hope they invite me back. I’d love to see The Wild Center in the summer. Besides, Melissa and I haven’t finished talking about animals.


  1. It sounds like a great weekend- despite the weather!! I did notice you left out the part about visiting the King Arthur store…

    • I thought I forgot to mention something! I got three types of chocolate chips: extreme bittersweet, mini-dark chocolate and semi-sweet. I also got hard bread flour, a general purpose baking mix, and harvest grains for bread baking. I bought a scoop (looks like an ice cream scoop) for making exact-sized small cookies. Oh, and I got white sanding sugar. And a very good latte to keep me awake on the road.

  2. Okay- now I just want to go home from the office and start baking!! Even being gluten intolerant has not stopped me from baking just for the pure joy (and smell) of it! Thanks for filling us in on the “rest of the story…” :)

    • I’ve a friend who has just learned she has to go gluten free. She baked the most amazing cookies recently, with almond butter and I don’t know what else. I’ll see if I can get the recipe.

  3. That photo of the mountain is beautiful! Great composition!

    The photo of the feather masked girl is cute! They must have loved getting feathers right from the flock. How nice of Petunia to share. :)

    Happy to hear about your trip – including the KAF store part. I like that harvest grains mix and need to get some more. I thought I’d find something in a cereal around here that was comparable but have yet to find something I like as well. You’ll have to let me know how you like that scoop. I love to make cookies and always wondered if that scoop would make it easier or not.

    It’s nice to have a good friend who shares your interests. Hard when they live a distance away though. Sounds like you had fun.

    • I already have a larger scoop by the same maker. With my professional cooking background, I like to have cookies exactly the same size! Not only do they look nicer, but they bake more evenly. Often with cookies, less than a minute in the oven makes all the difference. I don’t want to overbake the smaller ones while waiting for the big ones to cook. (Same principle with cooking vegies which is why knowing how to chop in uniform pieces is a good skill!) The scoops from KA are high quality. I’ve had others that have broken.

  4. Hi Terry, I am the same Ann from the school (i told you i was hooked). What culinary school did you go to? (or did you). Still looking into getting those Banties.

    • I didn’t go to a culinary school. I lucked out and at my first cooking job (at a health spa, the head chef was a wonderful woman who mentored me for two years.

  5. Thank you so much for your web site. I have had chickens for 2 years and so wanted to see you this weekend, but car troubles prevented me from going anywhere all weekend. I live near Gore Mtn and the area is so beautiful. I will continue to watch for you to appear somewhere near in the future.

    • My best friend lives in Chestertown, so I know your area. A truly special part of the world. The Wild Center is talking about having me back, so maybe next time!