Noisy Marge

All winter Marge has been quiet. Nary a cluck or a chuckle or a cackle. This is a hen who has created a constant racket ever since I got her as a chick. I’ve worried about her. She hatched October 6, 2004, which makes her almost six years old.

Today, though, I happened to be in the coop when Marge strutted through the pop door and announced her presence. Then, she continued to chuck-chuck as she checked out the nesting boxes. I am going to sit in one! she told me. She looked just like a hen that’s going to lay an egg. She was as loud as a hen who has laid an egg. She didn’t lay a thing, but I didn’t care. My Marge is back.



  1. She was talking this morning, and sat in a nesting box for a short time before you arrived – around 6:30 I think. Maybe she’s working up to it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

    • It all depends on the hen. I’ve known people who use their bantams to hatch full-sized eggs. The little hens don’t care the size of the egg, and they make good mothers.

      • In my 40+ years of having chickens I’ve always had a talker.

        Glad Marge is letting ya know she still has the gift for gab.

        Is she always under foot when you enter the coop?

      • I had a banty that sat on 3 duck eggs…It was a hoot..It actually looked like she was perched on a mountain and when I saw those little yellow bills poke out from was hysterical…The best part is when they started to take to water…the banty would stand outside the little pool and pitch a fit! “Get out of there! You are going to get wet! I hate that you are in there!” It was great!

  2. Here in Louisiana we are getting a wintery mix of sleet and snow. What a crazy winter.

  3. I think it’s just the cold miserable winter you guys are having!! :( So far as I know it’s been a while since you have had this much snow in one winter?? I had a white leghorn hen named Beagle who was loud & boisterous like Marge. She was one of my favs!!

  4. We have an Amberlink, who screeches a lot! I think if she were human she’d be someone who chews their nails!

    It’s a worry, isn’t it when they change their behaviour? I’m glad Marge is back to her old self.

  5. One more weather comment– actually, it’s been an easy winter so far. Not too much snow, sunny days, and the temps aren’t staying in the single digits. For around here, that’s mild!

  6. hello you are lucky because you have a hen of six years.
    She resembles has mine who is named sunny.
    Good by.
    ps: I am french , I do not speak english very good , I’m sorry.


  7. I know how you can worry when a habit is missing for a day or it changes. Even when it is a habit you wish would disappear, when it does you begin to worry.

    This is the first hen cam I have seen. Will check out goats too.