Another Sign of Spring

Quite a bit of snow is expected tomorrow, but the goats say that spring is on its way. The wooly bear goat boys are shedding. It seems to me that goats have several types of hair – short, fine and dense; short and coarse; and long and fine. Give a goat a scratch and you’ll have all three on your clothes. I’ve pulled my horse curry comb and brush out of storage.

Meanwhile, I noticed that Caper had a slight limp. I think that he bruised a hoof. Possibly a pebble got stuck between his toes. In any event, it was time to clip his hooves. I have a pair of shears especially designed for this job. They work great for trimming the overgrown nails. Too bad my back is not made for the job. While Steve acted as a human stanchion and fed sweet feed, I bent over and clipped. I think we need to build a stand. For now, I’m going to take a couple of ibuprofen.


  1. Terry,
    Goats like horses can get stone bruises. When we had them growing up at least one limping goat was common especially amoung the youngsters as they run, jump, jump on things and jump off things.
    Are you going to get inches or feet of snow?
    I feel for the folks in the Philly and Washington DC areas, I don’t know how you cope with that. I think I heard this morning that after this current storm moves through that portions of the Philly region could have 40 inches of the white stuff. That type of accumulations can cause roofs to colapse.

  2. No signs of Spring here today. We are experiencing sleet but it’s not sticking. According to the weather it should stick tonight and we might have sightings of snow. For being so far south it sure has been a strange Winter.

  3. Is the thermometer on the website stuck at 25 degrees? I haven’t seen it vary in several days. Seattle is warm and wet; currently 53 degrees. January broke records for warmth.