Funny First Eggs

Siouxsie is a Polish Crested. They’re rather silly, fancy birds. You don’t get this breed if you care about high egg production. They’re in the flock for the amusement value.


Nevertheless, the Polish Crested do lay eggs. Siouxsie is about 8 months old. She just laid her first egg. First eggs are often a tad irregular. I’ve seen miniscule eggs without yolks, and jumbo eggs with two yolks. Siouxsie’s first egg was pointy at both ends.

pointy egg

It’s so long that the carton can’t close. I imagine the other eggs were as amused as I was.

egg faces


  1. HA! Love the faces on the other eggs! I love the funny, irregular eggs my girls have layed as well. One of them is consistently laying double yolkers, while another lays an egg that is long, narrow and very pointy on one end. A third lays an egg whose ends are blocky, making it seem more square. I hesitate to add that because of our very mild winter, I have received 120 eggs in the last 30 days…my neighbors and co-workers are very happy!

  2. AAA! Pointy on both ends! I love it!
    Love the faces on the eggs!

  3. I love the uniqueness of their eggs. To look at that type of hen I would expect them to lay a funky egg.

    I think I saw her laying that egg this morning. When I tuned in around 6:40 or so she was in the nest box. I watched for a while. She came out, hoped down, hoped back up, went back in and came out again.

    • More snow? I’m so sorry! We will hold warm thoughts for you and the critters!

  4. That’s too good to draw faces on the eggs. Let me plagiarize and do that on at least one egg of each dozen we sell at the farm. If anyone asks, I’ll credit you with the inspiration.
    Am working on the video of some hen tricks for you to see but please not publish anything pictorial. Will send it to you via email, being filmed Thursday,

  5. In my day job I am a psychologist. At home I have 5 hens all hatched last April now laying quite well. One of the original 6 became a rooster and went off to our local farmer’s market to a good, less urban home. Two of my neighbors are “sharing the eggs with me” in exchange for some feed donations and lots of encouragement. I got to your site when a friend sent me Susan Orlean’s article in the September 2009 New Yorker which mentions Terry’s webcam!
    This photo of the eggs had me laughing out loud and sending the site to 3 other friends with chickens here on Mercer Island, WA where I live. We have a new up and running “Urban Farming Network” now hosted through a new gardening/social networking site called “”. Thanks for the inspiration to keep up the chicken husbandry thing, now with more gusto and confidence than before!