Goat Bliss

The goats are shedding. They have itches. If you scratch Pip between his forelegs he goes into a happy goat trance. See the smile?



  1. He’s adorable! I work/volunteer at a horse stable and it’s always so satisfying when I take a minute to scratch one of the horses and find their happy scratch spot. It makes me feel as though I just gave them a little “gift” :)

    • The sun won’t be shining for long. Rain and snow and rain and snow expected for the next few days. Sigh. A few years ago, we got one foot of snow on March 1, so you never know.

      • That is a look of pure contentment!!!!
        As far as the weather we did not have our usual two weeks of winter thaw. Just cold for months now.
        I remember one time in the mid 1980’s going to a Cardinals game in early April. We left home with shorts on in the high 70’s left in the middle of the game with a temp. in the low 40’s and falling and the tulips in the flower boxes that were outside the stadium were full of snow. We got around 6 inches that day.

  2. I know they really don’t need a heat lamp at 30 degrees, but what the heck, they seem to like the heat anyway. Happy chickens lay more eggs!