Egger's Good Day

Eggers and I spent the morning at a preschool.

in crate

Eggers was warm. She was away from those annoying hens, Siouxsie and Tina. The children fed her lots of cracked corn, and it was ALL HERS. No sharing. She was held and pet gently by little hands. This made her very happy.

The children were happy, too. They tried to capture Egger’s beauty in their drawings. Of course, it’s impossible to paint a chicken who is so perfect in real life, but they came close.


If you would like one of the “actresses who play Tillie” and me to come to your school email me ( Eggers, Betsy and Coco are all eager for more road trips.


  1. Yes, please come read to the interns at the farm institute school, . We can supply your choice of actresses to play Tillie. We can even set up a casting couch for you to audition them ;-)
    Follow it with great dinner, then maybe a day teaching at Ramekin’s in Sonoma to adults. Eggs eggs eggs.

  2. Would you be interested in coming for a visit in Florida? I teach Kindergarten in a town called Bradenton just south of Tampa in the Tampa Bay Area. All of our Kindergartners would LOVE to see a chicken!

  3. Still hoping you make it back to Southern California! Us Library Ladies are dying to take you to some wineries and then maybe back to my little ranch to see the chickens, llama, and horses? Too rainy right now…but we are holding out for a visit! Donna