Trip Preparation

I’m taking the train down to NYC on Friday to have lunch with my agent. I love going to Manhattan. I grew up in a New Jersey suburb near the city and we went in often, so it feels familiar to me. Still, that was many years ago in my childhood. Now I live in a town with no traffic lights and the only elevator is the handicap access to go up one flight at the town hall.

My agent (who is, by the way, delightful, witty and very good at her job) treats me to lunch at the sort of hip restaurants that are unique to New York. I’ll meet her in SoHo, and afterwards I’ll window shop and walk and walk. My feet start moving in New York, and I can’t stop.

I don’t have to dress up, but I do like to have clothes that look stylish enough that I don’t feel out of place. That’s not too hard – there’s a few things in my closet that will do. It’s supposed to be seriously cold on Friday, and when it’s cold, Manhattan’s streets, lined by skyscrapers, turn into frigid wind tunnels. My red wool coat won’t do. I’ll need my down parka. I bought it last year. It’s not faded, or torn. Actually, it’s rather good-looking. However, I have worn it in the barn. It is a tad… goaty.

Into the washing machine it goes tonight! You might see me shivering in my sweatshirt in the barn tomorrow. That coat is staying clean and odor-free until I get back from the big city!


  1. Good luck with your trip.

    Don’t forget to add vinegar to the rinse water to make sure you erase all the barny odors. The vinegar won’t smell when its dry.