Help in the Garden

There’s nothing left in the garden to harvest. This year I pulled the carrots and parsnips before the ground froze solid (last year, I harvested what I could the following April!)

But, the goats say that I missed something.

goats in the garden

Hey, look! There’s kale!

Agnes joined us in the garden. She let me know that a GOOD gardener turns the soil over before winter sets in.

Agnes helps

Make sure there’s no bugs hiding!

Thanks for your help, everyone.


  1. Agnes looks so happy gardening! I love watching my hens getting enthusiastic turning over leaves and soil – even when they do it where they aren’t supposed to, it’s hard to be angry!!!

    This week, every afternoon at about 3 o’clock the hens all troup around to the courtyard outside my office window and jump into a walled flower bed for a rummage. They know that I know that they are there!

    You’re goats are so cute! I love their round bellies, stocky legs and little turned up tails.

      • I love this time of year mainly because my “girls” get to run around the yard and just be chickens. I love sipping my coffee before I go off to work and watch them “do their thing” out my dining room window.
        I do cover the flower beds with chicken wire to keep them from scracthing the mulch from here to the otherside of town. My garden has a three foot fence around it which they could easily go over but I dare say they are not smart enough to figure it out or I like to think that the 3/4 of an acre is big enough for them so why make the effort to fly over a three foot fence. ;-)

  2. I love this site having just discovered it today. My wife and I have 7 Barred Rock hens and love them to death! They lay plenty of double yolkers. We have a fence around our large garden and the hens started free ranging there early in their lives. Well, I moved the gate to a new location and those darned hens still go to the site of the old gate and wait for us to let them out. This is the silliest thing I’ve seen in a long time.