We're Thankful


Caper is ready for his Thanksgiving meal. What? you ask – doesn’t his belly already look full? See that cud being chewed in his jaw? Doesn’t matter! More please.

I’m thankful for so much, including these goats that make life here so amusing. I’m thankful for the home and the family and the wherewithal to be able to keep the goats and all of the other animals at Little Pond Farm.

I’m thankful for you. It’s true that it’s more fun to share.


  1. And we are thankful for you- that you take the time to share your life with us!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I am grateful for you letting us see their animals and show their goods.

  3. Thank you for sharing yourself, your family and all your farm friends with us. I know I look forward to seeing the farm, your special family members,and hearing all about life on the farm. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  4. I forgot to mention that I am here every morning. Sometimes I’m waiting for the cameras to come on. Yes I’m like the chickens—I’m a very early riser.

    • You should see me when I go out to feed up. I pray that no one stops and visits til I’m finished and had a chance to clean up a bit.

  5. Our family is so thankful for you sharing your family, adventures and pictures into the world while I’m at work in a closed building. Have a Happy and Thankful Thanksgiving holiday weekend from Des Moines, WA.

    • Glad that I can provide you with a window for your work cubicle. I had a job indoors at a desk when I was 17. That’t the last time!

  6. Thank you for sharing your family at Little Pond Farm! Love reading your blogs. I to have a chicken cam in my coop so I can watch them when I’m at work!!

  7. Thanksgiving…That word is more than a holiday designation. Thanks, Terry, for sharing a view to your little estate, even the comical (but rather startling closeup) southbound view of a northbound goat! :-} I have lots to be thankful for…even in the coop. My little black hen is recuperating after a hawk attack. I am thankful for that hawk, too. It is life in the “real”. (the entire veggie garden will be covered with netting next season.) The hens are nearly over their molt, so I am thankful for more eggs. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Lucy Suitor Holt

  8. I am thankful that Steve gave me the heads-up years ago about HenCam. Must have been about the time it was set up. It lets me have a peek at a bit of the town (and the weather!) where I lived for so long and that I continue to miss so much. North Carolina just doesn’t cut it for me. Thank you! Thank you.