Eggers Update

Eggers is looking much better! She’s in a crate in my kitchen, and seems quite pleased with the accommodations. She’s bright-eyed. She’s hungry. Manure is normal. No more blood. Perhaps she passed a broken egg and it cut her? Just a guess.

In any event, she’ll be on antibiotics for a week. The usual way to medicate a chicken is by dissolving the antibiotic powder in water, and then putting it in the barn’s waterer. When a contagious bug is going around, this is an efficient way to treat all of your birds at one time.  I don’t want to treat everyone, which is one reason to keep Eggers separate from the flock. However, although Eggers seems to like the doted-on life indoors, but I’m eager to get her back out! I might end up dosing her with the medicated water, using a syringe intended for giving human babies cough medicine. If I do that twice a day, I’m sure she’ll get the medicine in her. It’s a bit of a chore – but better than cleaning out the crate in the kitchen!


  1. Glad to hear she’s feeling better. Sometimes being with friends helps too.

  2. I enjoy watching your animals living in their fine surroundings and hearing you tell about their daily lives. All best wishes to Eggers for a fast recovery; the other hens will be glad to see her back with the flock.