Columbus Day Shopping

I’m sure that at some point Columbus Day celebrated Columbus. Now it’s a shopping day. There are sales at the mall, but I’m not there. This is where I went:


I got a pitchfork, a manure shovel, a bag of laying hen feed and pasture seed. The goats have done such a thorough job ridding a corner of the back meadow of brambles and golden rod, that I’m able to reseed with a timothy/alfalfa mix. I’m pleased, but they’d rather have me plant weeds and thorny brush!

This morning there was frost on the grass. It’s the first “hard frost” of the season. It’s warmed up, and it’s supposed to be above freezing, though rainy, for the rest of the week. Still, I went out and pulled up half of my parsnips. Last year I left them in so long that they were frozen solid in the garden and I couldn’t harvest them until spring. I’ve got a hankering for roasted parsnips and carrots for dinner. Leftovers will be frozen and used for soup this winter. It’s definitely a change of seasons!


  1. I remember searching for accommodation in New England one Columbus Weekend – ended up in a motel with a 1950’s “Magic Fingers” bed!

    Not as chilly here – but we have lamb, carrots and parsnips in a big casserole for supper :-)


    • Eggers is looking just fine! I put her back in with the flock and she is behaving normally. This is typical with chicken illnesses – they’re often a mystery, but respond to the same sort of TLC – warmth, isolation, antibiotics. Of course, there might be something wrong with her internally (she did have that blood at her vent) and the symptoms might return. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      • Awwwe!! Glad she’s back with her girlfriends!! Hopefully she will be ok!!