Too Ripe Pears

I had a dozen pears in the fruit drawer of my refrigerator. They’re from a local orchard, which means they’ve got flavor – unlike the supermarket pears that are all superficial good looks. I wanted to use them in something special. Perhaps a pear tarte. But, of course, I didn’t get around to it. Meanwhile, my special pears ripened, and then got splotchy. So, yesterday, despite being tired and cold and rushed, I decided that I had to use them before they became chicken feed.

I quartered and cored them, and cut off the bruised spots. I put them in a baking dish (no greasing necessary.) I drizzled on some grade B maple syrup (more flavorful than the A) and sprinkled on some brown sugar. I dusted a couple of tablespoons of ground hazelnut flour on top. I get this from my favorite baking supply source, King Arthur Flour. (Sorry for introducing you – shopping there will become addictive!) Nut flour is my idea of a convenience food. Cooking short-cuts don’t have to come with a Pillsbury label. Dot with 2 teaspoons (that’s all!) of good, salted butter. Bake at 375 degrees for a half hour until soft.

Last night I had the pears, warm, with ginger ice cream. Today I had them with yogurt for breakfast. This is all that is left:


At least as good as a tarte.


  1. Thank goodness you put your pears into the refrigerator to ripen. I have a very old chest-on-chest that belonged to my great-grandmother’s grandmother. A note in one of the drawers says that “One drawer was stained because someone had put pears in it to ripen.” Your simple recipe would have been enjoyed by folks way-back-when.Yummy!

  2. We don’t have any trees of our own (maybe after we win the lottery and move onto an acre or two), but we’re gearing up for apple-&-pearsauce. My sweetie loves applesauce in almost any form. Then he discovered that pears mixed in makes it even better. I usually put some five spice in it so it’s not just pumpkin-pie-type spices. He likes that slightly savory kick to it.

    I made him a grated apple pie last fall. Maybe this fallI’ll make him a grated pear pie too.

  3. Hi Terry….I got so hungry reading this I had to get my crummy leftover lunch out of the frig!!!! Donna

  4. My most recent order to KAF arrived today. More goodies for my kitchen. Not sure I could live without that store. Have you ever visited the store. I managed to get there once when on a visit to western Mass. How to blow the budget in one quick trip!!!

    • Once a year we make a trip up to Norwich, VT to shop at the King Arthur store. Steve pushes the cart and I toss things in. Sometimes we need two carts!

  5. This was so good! I just happened to have too-ripe pears on the countertop when I read this, and they too seemed destined to be chicken food. But I made this and it was terrific. Even my husband liked it and he doesn’t like pears much. Thanks, Terry.