Big Egg, Little Egg

I’ve blogged about this before, but it’s worth doing again. Look at what I collected the other day!

big egg

A standard USDA Large egg weighs two ounces. The egg to the top left, laid by Agnes, is 2 1/4. Her sister, Philomena, laid the whopper at the top right. 3 1/2 ounces! Sometimes, these duck-sized eggs have two yolks, but not this one. It was normal inside. Huge, but normal. And, I might add, delicious. The little white egg was laid by Eggers. Only 1 1/2 ounces. Also yummy.

The pointy egg to the bottom right was laid by Marge. She’s an elderly, 6-year old hen. She lays only one egg a week. It’s a standard two ounces, but you’d never find one like that in the market. It’s so long that the carton can’t be closed. Eggs from commodity producers do sometimes look like this, but they’re sorted out, processed, and turned into “egg product.”

Supermarket shoppers expect and want eggs of identical appearance. Not me. It’s much more fun to eat eggs that reflect the personalities of the hens that laid them. Not to mention, far tastier.


  1. Ok Terry! We are kindred spirits! Last night when I got home I was anxious to see what the girls layed since I cleaned their coop and made them some nice new squishy nesting boxes….and lo and behold..the biggest dang egg I have ever seen….I need to weigh it if my man has not eaten it yet…I will get a picture of it for you….Egg Wars???????? Donna

  2. Terry,
    My compliments on the article in The New Yorker in which you were featured and on your great web site. Before we moved, we had a small flock of chickens. No supermarket eggs for us! We were so spoiled that we deemed the freshness of an egg on its warmth. We really miss our “ladies.”