Fall Gardening

I’m in a bit of a mood today. It might have something to do with my agent letting me know about a manuscript that we thought would sell readily, but has been “declined.”  I need a new work-in-progress. I miss the emotional entanglement with my characters and the hashing and re-hashing of words. Somehow, all of my projects are now waiting for approval. I don’t have anything in the just-started phase. I do have an idea that involves goats. So, I’ve been spending time with the boys. Nice excuse, isn’t it?

Luckily, the vegetable garden suits my mood. My tomatoes succumbed to the blight and cold nights. I ripped them out. The bean plants, although still leafy, are producing twisted, discolored beans. The nights are too cold and the plants are too old. I tore the vines off of their support trellises and tossed them in the compost. Very satisfying.


This is not the time of year for planting and nurturing. It’s all about dead-heading and composting, gleaning what’s left, and letting the soil rest for awhile. It’s the perfect metaphor for my life. Okay, that’s a cliche. Not my best writing. But it sure makes for mood-lifting gardening.



  1. Yes, the fall is a busy time putting all the glories of our outside lives to bed. Putting away the patio chairs (saving a few for Indian Summer days). Clearing away the straggling and dieing plants. I have many water garden containers and take many plants in the garage so they will not freeze. One joy is now is the time to enjoy my chiminea (sp?). Greta, my German Shepherd loves this time of the year since she can take more trips in the truck.
    I enjoy your webcams so very much. What’s have your night time lows been? We have gotten down to the high 40’s at night. It was 76 today.

  2. Do you have bulbs you need to dig up and bring in for the winter?
    I have elephant ears and banana plants.

  3. Don’t forget, not only is it time to deadhead it’s also time to plant bulbs(garlic or flowers)for next year. So maybe this is the time to plant “seeds” of creativity for your work as well!

  4. Hi Terry,
    Here in SC it was 92 yesterday. We are ready for cooler weather. We are having cooler nights which has helped my plants spring back and bloom a little more before frost. My flowers look better now than they did last month with such high humidity. The problem I am having in the garden is my chickens digging up everything. I do love them and they are so much fun to watch. We let them forage in our backyard some during the day when we are at home they scratch like crazy. I thought about trying rocks around the base of plants. Do you have any ideas.