Come For a Walk With The Boys

Every morning I take the goats for a morning munch in the meadow (don’t you just love alliteration?) This is their chance to see a bit of the wide world and graze on the varied foods that are so good for goats and that they so love. Please join us.

First, we hurry out of the stall.

out the door

Although I’m teaching a “come” and a “follow me,” they’d rather eat my flowers and mint than do as told. Notice the leashes. I’m about to use them.

stop to eat the flowers

The boys like different foods. Caper always goes for the sunflower leaves. Pip is partial to the apple mint – which he likes much more than the peppermint that is one step away.

Next, they head over to the horseradish. A taste of something spicy makes for a yummy first course.

gorge on horseradish

The horseradish tends to get invasive, so I am happy to have them prune it back.

The entree is always golden rod. They are quite fussy about which leaves to eat. Pip likes the tender tops. It might be easier to reach it this way:

reach from the wall

Or, maybe try this:

rear up to eat

Maple leaves are for dessert.

trees are good

And, even though their bellies are bulging, a final nip on some ferns is hard to resist.

ferns are tasty

Finally, back home. Look at how wide Caper is!

on the rock

Thanks for joining us.


  1. Welcome to the world of obsessive blog-comment checking! Good to see the boys earning their keep. Caper’s even bigger than Kipper after a five-rabbit binge.
    Still very hot in the bottom right-hand corner of the UK, even the wind is warm!