A Change of Seasons

While we were away on vacation the seasons changed. I came home to pumpkins ripening in the patch,


furry goats all fluffed up against the morning chill, and a few autumn raspberries ripe on the brambles.

It seemed as if Philomena and Agnes went from being scrawny, young pullets, to full-grown, feather-bottomed hens. They’re laying, now, too.


My sons start school this week. It’s definitely fall.

It seemed like a very short summer. We had a cold and rainy spring. A dark and dreary summer. The worst part of it was that the mosquito population increased by 900% (I’m not exaggerating- that’s the number that was in the newspaper!)

Right now, the weather is ideal. Long-sleeve shirt weather. No humidity. Sunny skies. A breeze. Fewer mosquitos (what a relief!)

Along with the change in the seasons, there are changes here at HenCam. I’m tweaking my web sites. In the next day or so it will become easier to navigate between pages. The blog software has been changed. You can now post comments at the bottom of each post. I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Congrats on the updates, fresh eggs and the reduction of the mosquito population!!
    Here in the Willamette Valey we are also experiencing a change of seasons, but it is early for us. I have pumpkins and winter squash days away from harvest!
    Thanks for taking the time to fill us all in on the activities at Little Pond Farm!

  2. Mosquito’s are the one thing I don’t miss from the east coast. Be thankfully you don’t live in San Diego, CA. We have had a very humid summer. It’s been 100-106 all this week and my bunnies are shedding like crazy.

    • Bunnylady – I assume that your bunnies are inside in that heat? Candy hates the hot weather. She makes herself a nice burrow in the cool dirt by the side of the barn to stay cool.